Thursday, April 17, 2008

Confessions of a New Blogger

I have been blogging for a whole week now! I'm really enjoying it, but have so many things to learn about setting up my blog, joining groups, and getting people to read my posts. I know I'm capable of learning these things, but it will take time to cram together enough spare brain waves to focus on it!

I confess that I don't know much about the following items:

- HTML...OK, I've heard it before, and actually copied some code once into a website, but that's it. And I still don't know what HTML actually stands for...maybe: How Typing Makes Links, or more likely: Help, This Mom's Lost.

- a Blogroll...apparently a good thing to have, but frankly it sounds like a there any chocolate in it??

- putting a Button on my, I don't even sew buttons back on clothing, and what happens if I push this button anyway?

- RSS...has to do with feeds, I think?...probably stands for Really Simple Stupid.

- Feedburner...hmmm...sounds suspiciously like a toaster oven.

- Mr. Linky...who??...did he invent the Slinky?

- Meme...actually, I guess it rhymes with theme, but I thought maybe it was the answer to - Who needs help? Who? Who? - Me! Me!

I apologize if my attempt at humor causes eye rolls and groans. Well, keep checking back and hopefully I'll learn what these things really are and make improvements to my blog.

What was the toughest thing for you to learn when you started blogging?


  1. LOL i liked this one! i don't know what most of those are either! :)

  2. LOL!! I love your sense of humor. Very clever! Welcome to the blogosphere. :D

  3. HUH?!!! I have know idea WHAT you're talking about :)

  4. *groan* Well, have you learned anything in the last 9 or so months?

  5. Wow, you knew all these terms just one week into blogging? I didn't know them for at least a year (I started just keeping a record of the fam, not being part of the community...)

    I like your humor in this. Especially the "Help, This Mom's Lost!"

    Thanks for linking up today! : )
    (and for tweeting!)

  6. The $64,000 question is-after a year, do you know any of those answers?!

  7. OH how I wish I would have met you just 2 months earlier. You have a great sense of humor my friend and I think that's what people like most about you. I would build on that when you come back. Cause you ARE coming back.

    Big we could always combine blogs and only need to write every other day and change the name to Stop the Homestead and Eat all the Chocolate Hearts size hugs to you! LOL!
    Oh my! I'm cracking myself up on that one!
    Love you my friend!


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