Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's My 6-Year Blogaversary!

Amazing! 6 years of blogging! I know - it's April and this is only the 5th blog post here this year. But I am technically still blogging, even though it's sparse! :)

If you're wondering about the lack of posting, one reason is explained in New Year, New Direction, but the other reason is that I started a full-time, outside-the-home job! Crazy!! You can read a little more about that in From SAHM to WOHM on From Lisa Marie.

I feel the need to celebrate this occasion with some cake, don't you?

To celebrate 6 years, I'd like to share a favorite post and a popular recipe from each of the years:

2008: I Forgot To Thank My Mom, Part 1

2009: Plugged Back In - A Redecorating Tale

2010: Why The Garbage Truck Makes Me Smile

2011: Encouraging Bloggers ~ A Blog Is A Blog No Matter How Small

2012: Will You Hold My Hand?

2013: Dare *Not* To Compare

It's been fun looking back and following along my journey through the years with you! Thank you all so much for coming back here again and again, whether there were new posts or not. Hugs to all!!

I'm keeping this post short and sweet. Just wanted to say hi, share a few links, and say Woo Hoo to 6 years!


  1. 6 years! Congratulations. I am just 3 months behind you in this blogging thing. You're making me hungry with all of the posts of the yumminess over here!

  2. Now I'm hungry... have anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! Congratulations on the new job. I can imagine what a change it is, but I'm glad your family supports you and you still have some flexibility.


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