Anything I Can Do, You Can Do Too!

Welcome to my first #31Days series {even though I've been blogging for over 5 years}! You can find the links to all the posts at the bottom of this page.

Who am I? I'm Lisa and I'm just an average mom and blogger. I'm no more talented, intelligent, or organized than you are. I struggle in the homemaking area and in many other parts of Life. I do *not* have it all together. So I figure, if I am capable of doing something, then you absolutely can do it too! Some of you may already be successful in some of the topics I'll share - that's fantastic and I hope you'll share some encouragement/tips for the rest of us in the comments!

I'll be talking about a wide range of subjects: from food and homemaking to writing and trying new things. The posts will be new along with a lot of links from past posts as that's where I've documented so many of the things I've done over the past 5 years or so. I think you're bound to find something within the 31 days that you have struggled with or been afraid to try, and I'm here to encourage you - you CAN do it! Really, if I've done it, then anybody can do it and I'm not just saying that.

Anything I can do, YOU can do too! {And ever since I came up with this title, it made me think of the song "Anything You Can Do", which is now stuck in my head! Is it in your head now? You're welcome.}

I'll be posting on each of the 31 days {Lord willing} and then linking those back here so you can stop in one place and catch up if you need to. The titles will all begin with "You CAN..." so they'll be easy to find if I do happen to have any additional posts during October.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll find some encouragement to try something new! Happy 31 Days!
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Linking up for #31Days at Nesting Place! Join me?

Day 1: Intro
Day 2: You CAN Stop Comparing
Day 3: You CAN Cook Dinner in 30 Minutes
Day 4: You CAN Decorate For The Seasons
Day 5: You CAN Count Your Blessings {Savor 7 Saturday}
Day 6: You CAN Read Your Bible 
Day 7: You CAN Start a Blog
Day 8: You CAN Run a 5K
Day 9: You CAN Share Your Failures
Day 10: You CAN Bake Biscotti
Day 11: You CAN Find The Little Blessings {Savor 7 Saturday} 
Day 12: You CAN Blog About Your Faith
Day 13: You CAN Make Your Own Self-Rising Flour
Day 14: You CAN Establish New Habits 
Day 15: You CAN Bake Scones 
Day 16: You CAN Pray Consistently
Day 17: You CAN Write Poetry
Day 18: You CAN Use Google+
Day 19: You CAN Find The Blessings In The Negative {Savor 7 Saturday}
Day 20: You CAN Make Your Own Household Cleaners
Day 21: You CAN Rescue A Recipe ~ Pumpkin Pie Truffles
Day 22: You CAN Do 31 Days Your Own Way 



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