Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tea for Tuesday ~ Tea Sites & Blogs

There are lots of wonderful places to find out more about tea. I highly recommend supporting your local tea house - there aren't too many around. They usually have great tea, great food, tea gifts and tea for sale.

But there are many places on the web that have great tea info, tea gifts, and tea for sale. I've included a few that I like...

To find out where your closest tea place is, click here: Tea Map
They list tea places and include maps, pictures, and reviews - I discovered some new tea houses in my area on there!

If you can't buy loose-leaf tea near you, here are a couple of sites that I have purchased tea from:
Special Teas and Enjoying Tea
They offer a large selection of teas and gifts. Try some sample sizes if you're not sure about the flavors.

For more tea gifts and some pretty tea cards, try: Kimberly Shaw Graphics
The cards are lovely and unique. They often have clearance sales, too.

And, of course, there are many blogs about tea. I have recently found a couple that are lovely and very informative:
Tea Party Girl and Gracious Hospitality

There are many other sites and blogs about tea out there, but these can get you started. Please leave a comment and tell me your favorite tea spots on the web!

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  1. I miss your tea posts. *sigh*
    Big I'm going back, way back to see who you were before I met you and made you crazy size hugs to you.


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