Monday, May 12, 2008

A Bloggy Poem

I've been blogging for a month now - wow - I actually stuck with something - ha,ha! I am really enjoying it and feel like I have learned a lot already. There are many more things for me to figure out though.

I hope you have enjoyed stopping and smelling the chocolates with me! :)

I even wrote a little bloggy poem for the occasion!

by Lisa

Oh, what can I say
About blogging today?

~A form of sharing
without delay

~Touching base with friends
just to say, "Hey!"

~Finding wisdom and prayers
to get through the day

~A moment to stop and smell
chocolates along the way

I am enjoying blogging,
So I'm here to stay!

Are there any suggestions, changes, comments that you have for my blog? Please leave a comment and let me know...

Have a blessed day!

Lisa :)


  1. What I cute poem! I found a shirt with a cute "chocolate saying," this weekend...stop by my blog and check it out...I bet you will like it! LOL!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! ~Rhonda :)

  2. oopppsss...sorry, I meant, What A cute poem! :)

  3. A great poem, a great blog!
    I have tagged you to post a memoir meme. Check out my blog if you want to play.

  4. Great poem Lisa and I think that in a month of blogging you have captured the essence of it!

  5. LOL! Change nothing.

  6. Hey, you are good!! The poem is really cute!



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