Thursday, May 8, 2008


I love chocolate, yes I do; I love chocolate, how 'bout you?

Now you respond with the same...

What? Not in the mood for a cheer? Then you must not have had any chocolate yet, or not enough chocolate...yet.

Sorry - my brain is focused on chocolate. I just ate the last of some creamy birthday chocolate from a friend and I have double chocolate walnut biscotti baking in the oven, so it even smells like chocolate here!

I am so happy to know that dark chocolate has some health benefits. Apparently the milk chocolate and white chocolate do not have those benefits. Bummer. But what if you eat the chocolate in a dark room? Hmmm...

Well, anyway - here's my little shout-out to chocolate:

Craving satisfier
Healthy if dark
Oh so yummy
Comes in many forms
One bar is enough...maybe?
Lowers blood pressure
Tastes delicious
Extra is for sharing

Don't worry - chocolate is not my idol! I know that every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above, and I thank the Lord for a little blessing like chocolate.

Have you had a smile and some chocolate today?


  1. This is a post after my own heart (and taste buds). YUM!

  2. Hi Lisa...very cute post today! Bonita at ...Streams of Living Water, has white chocolate covered strawberries...and the recipe listed in her latest post! YUMMY!!! ~Rhonda

  3. Oh I like your little chocolate cheer and your fun whatever they call those things where you break down the letters to mean something. Uh huh!

    Big I love chocolate yes I do I love chocolate I KNOW you do size hugs to you!!!

    Your beginning post are fun my friend.


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