Monday, June 16, 2008

Design Star or Food Network Star?

Well, I watched both HGTV Design Star and The Next Food Network Star last Sunday and this Sunday. I've never watched Design Star before, but did watch Food Network Star last season.

I do enjoy both. I love looking at finished designs and before & after pics, but I think I like the food show better. I feel it's a little faster-paced and more entertaining. Or is it just that I like food?? And why isn't there anyone who uses chocolate in everything? That would be my culinary style!!

Oh, the drama of it all makes me laugh. And they do such a fantastic job of making you want to tune in next week. :)

So, do you watch either show? Or both? Do you like one better? Or could you care less about shows like this?


  1. I've never seen either (we don't have cable) but I LOVE design shows! When I was in the hospital after having my second bambino it was like a vacation, I watched hours and hours of some design contest show - I was hooked! It's a good think I don't have cable, I don't think I'd do anything else!

  2. we live in the boonies with antennae...5 stations including the religious one(where they cook all whole/raw food) anway...I do love the design shows when we get out of town. Inlaws have satellite, I find it quite fascinating, almost another world.

  3. Hi Lisa, I haven't watched the cooking show, but that sounds really interesting! I love Design Star, and have it Tivo'ed from last night. Haven't seen it yet, we were late getting in last night from my parents...

    Have a great day! Hugs, Rhonda ;)

  4. I watch both when I catch them, but they are not something I go out of my way to record or anything. I am a all about the chocolate in everything!!!

  5. Honestly, I am not watching much TV these days! The blogosphere has me hooked!

  6. I've watch both shows in the past but haven't caught any new episodes this year. I really prefer Top Chef to either of them as only cooking matters. The other shows focus too much on personalities and in a way that I find uncomfortable.


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