Monday, June 9, 2008

My Son...Engineer?

It's fun getting little clues about your child's future. And we do want to help him develop the gifts and talents that God has given him. I mentioned before that my son will most likely not be a Starbucks employee or Walmart Greeter, and you helped me add Cheerleader and Party Clown to the list.

Look at the pictures and see if you can figure out what my almost 9 year-old son will be someday...Mechanic?...Engineer?

But I think the most important question is, will he get paid well enough to support his the comfortable manner I'm sure they will eventually become accustomed to?? ;)


  1. That's pretty incredible - looks like you've got an engineer on your hands!

  2. Really incredible! I hope he does get paid enough to support ya! That's every mom's dream!!

  3. I love it when you write about your kids. I love to write about my grandkids. He's the same. He will not be an athlete, but right now my fireplace mantle is a "Show and Tell"
    filled with all his lego inventions.

  4. I especially like his little hints so that someone else can follow his directions. He certainly had a great attention to detail. Maybe not an engineer but a physicist.

  5. Those are some incredible drawings. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you little boy.


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