Thursday, July 31, 2008

MT Trip: Car Troubles

Was a busy day here and I still don't have access to pics, but I remembered that I hadn't yet told you the story of our car troubles as we started out on our MT trip about 3 weeks ago or so.

Here it is...

We started out on our trip on 7/8 with no troubles and made it to our first destination. We got up on 7/9 and drove to West Yellowstone, checked into our KOA cabin, and went and had dinner in town and had a little fun at the KOA campground. On the morning of 7/10, we got ready to head into Yellowstone Park. The car was acting very strangely that morning and had trouble going and was making some strange noises. After a bit, it seemed OK and we headed the 5-6 miles into West Yellowstone from the campground. We stopped at a grocery store to get ice and my husband did a check to make sure there was enough transmission fluid in the car. All looked OK.

We headed out of the parking lot and the car acted up again - and then it would no longer move forward!! He got it to go and parked it. Tried it out once more - it reversed into the street just fine, but again would not move forward and we had to push it into the spot. Awful! My husband knew that it was the transmission at that point. Big Huge Sigh.

He asked someone where the nearest mechanic was (only 2 blocks away!) and walked there. In minutes, the mechanic was there with a tow truck. At that time, we noticed that just steps down the sidewalk was a Budget car rental sign. The car went to the mechanic for the day to be checked out and we rented a car for a few days, hoping to return it early. We transferred our stuff and went into the Park as planned - no stoppin' us!

To make a very long story short, it did turn out to be the transmission and had to be ordered and shipped in. This started on a Thursday - the car was finished at the end of the day on Tuesday! We did our Park trip through Saturday, then drove on with the rental car to MT for the rest of our visit. My hubby and I went back to return the rental car and retrieve our freshly fixed vehicle on Tuesday. All went as well as could be expected.

West Yellowstone is a beautiful little town to have your car break down in, but of course anything at that mechanic will be MUCH more expensive than anywhere else. And I've never heard of car rental rates so high! The lady was nice enough to give us a 10% discount on that. So, this was our MOST expensive trip EVER! Seriously, we could all have taken a trip to Hawaii and not spent as much.

But the Lord blessed us so much by where the car broke down. We had traveled for 2 days in many remote areas where it could have happened. This was right in the town outside of the Park we were going into, 2 blocks from the mechanic, steps from a car rental (what if there had been no car rental??), a scenic 3 hour drive from my Dad, and did not actually interfere that much with our sight-seeing in Yellowstone Park! Praise the Lord!

Yes, the car is running fabulously right now; thank you for asking. :)

And now you know what happened, 'cause I know you were wondering.

Have a blessed day of driving!


  1. Don't you just hate those cars!

    Hey, I gave you a blog award. Come check it out!

  2. Lisa,

    Isn't it amazing how God orchestrated it all to work out. I'm sorry to hear about the extra expense incurred though, I'm sure that was frustrating. But you had a great trip and made it home safe and sound and that's the good news. :)
    Kathy C.

  3. My husband used to drive a little foreign sports car that broke down at least once a week. It was scary enough to be around home where we knew the garages. I can't imagine how you felt being far from home and on vacation. The Lord certainly smiled on you though. I'm so glad everything worked out okay.

  4. I am so glad everything worked out ok. I was so afraid you were going to say that after all that the car broke down again!!! Sounds as if you still had a good time and all went well. I am glad you have a funny story to tell and that you can laugh about it.

  5. I didn't get your e-mail, and I checked my "junk" folder. Could you try again? :)

  6. I just happen to have stumbled upon a post I hadn't commented on yet so I thought I would, even though it was 2 years ago.
    Man time flies. But I was thinking about how blessed you were to have a. a mechanic 2 blocks away and b. a rental place right there? Hello, that was all God huh?

    Big nothing can stop you from having a good time size hugs to you!


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