Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sad News

As you know, I like to keep my blog a happy place with just the occasional "serious" post. At the same time, it is about me so when sad things happen, I feel the need to keep you informed.

We did just recently get back from our 2 week trip and part of it was visiting with my Dad and Stepmom. Shortly after we got back this week, my Stepmom unexpectedly passed away. We are sad, of course, but feel so blessed that we just spent over a week visiting with her and I even spoke with her on the phone just an hour or so before she passed and told her that we loved her. Not long after that, she suffered a heart attack (she has had health problems, including heart problems, but this was still unexpected).

The other blessing is that my son and I do not have any obligations right now since it's summer, so we are flying back out and staying for 2 weeks to keep my Dad company. My hubby will come out just for the service and head back. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels and strength to help my Dad and and my Stepmom's family.

I have only known her for the last 9 years, but she loved us and we loved her. She was great with my Dad and he misses her very much.

It's kind of a cute story. After being divorced and single for 18 years, I was sure that my Dad would never remarry. Imagine my surprise when he met a lovely lady 9 years ago! They met at the gym - is there anything cuter than people in their 70's (or nearly) meeting at the gym?? They were on treadmills next to each other and my Stepmom-to-be struck up a conversation with my Dad. Eventually she invited him to coffee and he accepted (yes, she asked him out!). They dated for a while and then got engaged. Less than a year after meeting, they were married. They had about 8 1/2 happy years of marriage.

Well, it will be a sad week, but a busy one. I will be glad to be there to help. I will still be blogging on my Dad's computer. My blog gives me a little therapy and a little joy by writing every day, so I don't plan to stop. And I usually work on it late at night when it's not interfering in anything anyway. Even with all the things that will be going on, I will mostly be posting happy things (it helps me to feel happy, too!) and still want to fill you in on the trip that we just got back from.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. What a wonderful story though of finding love again. I will pray for safe travels and comfort for your Dad.

  2. Oh I am so sorry for your loss. But I am so happy for you to have spent that time with her and then especially to be able to tell her you love her just before she passes. What a wonderful way to leave this earth. Sounds as if you all had a good relationship. I hope you have a safe journey, and I hope you have the strength to accomplish a lot during the next two weeks. It will be after that that your dad will be so lonely. My heart goes out to him and you all. Take care!

  3. Oh Lisa,
    I'm so sorry for you and especially for your Dad. Wow, though, what a blessing that you had just spoken to her and had a nice conversation just before it happened. My heart aches for your Dad, I'm glad you will be there to comfort him during this time.

  4. I'm SO sorry to hear that!!!

  5. I am so sorry for your loss! What a sweet story about how they met so late in life.

    Your blog is great. Keep it up!

  6. My dad's second wife and he were married 10 years. I was so sad for him more than for her she was really sick and needed to rest. We all loved her much but still it was harder seeing dad alone. We even went on a 3 wk road trip with him and saw sites they were both planning to see later that year...have comfort in knowing this to shall pass and the best thing one can have is ones family near..very good of you to go back.

  7. Oh, Lisa, I'm so sorry. Your family, especially your dad, will be in my prayers. Wasn't it such a blessing that you were able to spend time with your step-mom and dad before she passed on. God is gracious.

  8. Wow...
    I am so sorry for you loss.
    I'll be in prayer...


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