Friday, August 8, 2008

100th Post...100th Post...100th Post...100th Post

Instead of "Would You Like Chocolate With That?" today, I am celebrating my 100th post!! I am so excited to have 100 posts. I will officially stop calling myself a "brand new" blogger.

I have seen that it is sort of a tradition to do "100 Things About Me" when you reach 100 posts, so I have done that. My, the work I do for you - LOL! Making that list was a lot more difficult than I thought. I now have a link to it on my sidebar, or you can try 100 Things now if you have several spare minutes.

I am so glad you are with me today. I hope you can find a good seat; the program's about to start...

Welcome to...The Comment Awards!

That's right. I dug through all my comments just so I could give you the recognition you deserve. I do love all of you that read my blog and don't comment, but I have no way to reward you for that except to say thanks for sticking with me!

Better get started...I'd hate for the show to run over.

Without further ado:

The winner of the First Comment Award is...
Kate U.: "Yay for joining the blogging community!" on the post Anybody Out There? Congratulations Kate! Thanks for your encouragement.

The winner of the Shortest Comment Award is...
Kelsey at My Sweet Life: "Great MEME!" on the post Tagged Again. Congratulations Kelsey! Glad you enjoyed it - thanks for your support!

The winner of the Longest Comment Award is...
Kathy C. at Blessed Beyond Imagination: "Oh Lisa, it sounds like you had a great time. I have to add to my previous comments...

A. Usually have dim lighting...It was true! Lots of dim lighting - did they consult you?? (Hee hee, no, but I think they plan it this way.) :)

B. Pretty much every guy will be nearly bald - Surprisingly, not so true. Some were a bit, but many still had some hair. And then there were several baseball caps on - do I assume those boys are bald underneath? - (a. Hairclub for men? and b. YES!) :)

C. Just about every woman will have gained at least some weight since HS - True statement! Thank you! I did not feel so bad when I got there and felt pretty comfortable just being myself. (Always important - we are who we are inside anyhow)

D. ...just relax and let them be nervous, LOL - I tried. Couldn't tell that anybody else felt that way, but I wasn't so nervous after I got there the first night and found several people that I knew. (Was wondering, was it hard to recognize anyone? At mine, I had a hard time recogniznig the guys, but the girls were easy to tell)

E. Remember, the joy of the Lord makes us all look 10 years younger! :) - My favorite part and I think it is true! The reunion really did remind me to stop and thank the Lord for plucking me off the path I was heading in and putting me on the narrow path walking in the right direction (very slowly and stumbling!) He's amazing!!- I completely know what you mean. I made this statement, because at my reunion, a group of gals actually came up to me and asked me how I managed to stay so young looking. I didn't really know what to say (this would have been a GREAT opportunity to talk about the Lord, but duh! I didn't do it!)...I am certain that joy and the fact that I don't drink or smoke has something to do with it. I was in the same boat, thinking the whole time about how thankful I was about the path Christ has saved me from.

Have fun! - I did, but my husband didn't! :) - Ditto, I think that is expected. :)"

on the post Class Reunion Recap. Even though part of the comments were from me, this was still the longest! Congratulations Kathy and thank you for your great comments on such an anxiety-filled event!

The winner of the Funniest Comment Award is...
MK (actually a relative of mine!): "I don't have a moral for your story, but I loved the story. Esp the part about untying the ribbons and washing the ugly chocolate -- starting completely over -- Geez!

I was recently helping a friend prepare for a big dinner party. We were making carmelized bacon. You roll bacon in brown sugar, place on parchment paper on cookie sheets, and bake. Well, the first batch smoked up the house horribly -- not only the "cooking bacon" smell, but the "burning sugar" smell. The bacon tasted wonderful, but was too smoky to prepare. So we decided not to do a second batch. We decided we'd chop our freshly carmelized bacon into "bacon bits" and put it in our lovely salad.

First, it needed to cool. We put the bacon strips on paper towels. Big mistake. The paper towels stuck to the candied bacon strips. I picked most of the paper off, but still large hunks of paper were stuck to the bacon. Hmmm, what to do? We WASHED the bacon strips. Basically washed the burnt sugar and pesky paper off each strip.

What were we left with? Bacon.

;-) MK"

on the post Tale of the Chocolate Spoons. Congratulations MK - always knew you'd be famous someday! Thanks for sharing a story that made me feel a lot better! :)

And, finally, the winner of the Most Comments Award is...
Sarah Mae at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee with a total of 43 comments on my blog! Congratulations Sarah and thank you so much for your regular comments - I look forward to them!

If I had skills and access to graphics stuff and more time, I would give you all a fabulous button to put on your blogs (or to look at if you don't have a blog). But, I think that each one of you is a...

Thank you all for joining me today - air kisses to all! I hope you enjoyed The Comment Awards and congratulations to all the winners!! Thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you stay with me for another 100 posts and many more.

Have a lovely, blessed, chocolate-filled weekend!


  1. Lisa, your blog has been a joy to read and I have truly enjoyed meeting you here in "blogland". :) Congrats on your 100th post and I enjoyed reading your 100 things! :) Ok, I better not make this too long, or I might win another "longest" award, LOL. Um, ok, so bye now. :) Have a blessed day!

  2. Oh how "sweet" this posting truly was. Isn't it neat reaching your 100th posting? Congratulations. I bet you are on cloud nine and you certainly should be. Enjoy the ride.

  3. Oh Lisa, how sweet! I did get your e-mail by the way, but today is the first day I've really been on the computer for a week! I'll e-mail back today. :)

  4. Came across this and thought you'd like it:

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your 100th post!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Lisa, Congratulations on your 100th post! WOOHOOO!!!! :) I enjoy your blog! It is so unique and fun, and I really liked your 100 things post! I got to know you so much better! Here's to 100 more wonderful posts! "smiles"

    Hugs, Rhonda


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