Monday, August 25, 2008

I'll take Potpourri for $100, Alex

Answer: The perfect blend of random blog ideas.

Question: What is the combination of a reminder, an award, and a meme?

You're a great Jeopardy player - you've won the right to read a really long blog post about random things!

First, a reminder...don't forget to find or prepare a chocolate post to link up this Friday for "Would you like chocolate with that?". Now you have all week to think of it. Check out last Friday and the links for ideas. Thanks to the people who linked up last Friday - YUM!

Next, another award! Wow - I really am humbled by all the awards. Thank you so much. This one comes from Kristin at One Sock At A Time, a sweet blog about family life that was started about the same time as mine. Thank you, Kristin!

Here's how this award dealio works:
- Put the logo on your blog.
- Link to the person you received your award from.
- Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
- Put links to those blogs on your site.
- Leave messages on the blogs you've nominated.

And the nominees are (sounds of envelope being opened):

The Inspired Room

Please do stop by these blogs; they are all great and I enjoy each one!

The randomness continues! Quite a while back, I was tagged for a 7 things meme by Dawn at P.S. He Loves You and I'm finally getting to it! Here are the guidelines:

- Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
- Tag 7 people linked at the end of your post.
- Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I decided to have a theme for my 7 things - don't ask me how I came up with this; just weird, I guess. It's things that I have inherited. No, not lovely items from the china cabinet, but the stuff that's in the genes!

1. A clutter problem. It does seem to run in the family and I am working on fighting it...all the time! Paperwork is the worst. But I have developed amazing abilities to stack all shapes and sizes very high and still find what I need in it. If you come to my house and you don't see a stack, there will still be one in a closet or drawer somewhere - I promise.

2. Cellulite. A sad thing to inherit and I haven't helped it any by eating sweets and not exercising. Not sure why God made cellulite except that maybe he didn't intend for us to wear clingy knits.

3. Spider veins. My son scared me a couple of years ago by telling me there was a spider on the back of my leg - well, turned out to be a spider...vein. Yeah, it's in the shape of a spider. I now refer to it as my spider tattoo and if people look at it, they agree. Sigh. When I put on my short skirts, I can't see it in the front, so I go on my merry way - ignorance is bliss.

4. Small hands and feet. That could be a cute thing - my hands are about the same size as my 9-year old son's (though he's big for his age) and so are my feet! It's not so cute anymore since I've put on lots of weight and my feet don't look like they can hold me up.

5. A good memory. It used to be a great memory, but having a kid and getting older with more activities hasn't helped it. But still, tell me a phone number and I'll remember it without writing it down and I can remember how to do something if you show me once. That does not mean that I remember everything, but I try!

6. Hazel eyes. The reason I love them is that they have bits of other colors in them and appear to change slightly with what colors I'm wearing. I like bringing out the green in them. No colored contacts for me!

7. A sense of humor. OK, it's a goofy one, but I do love to laugh and it's how I deal with stress. My Dad has a good sense of humor and one of the reasons I was first attracted to my husband was his sense of humor. I think it makes the day better if you can find something to laugh and smile about.

Well, there you go. As far as tagging others for the meme, I tag the blogs above that I awarded! And I tag you, too if you feel like doing a meme. Just let me know if you do, so I can be sure to read it!

I better end this post right now - it's getting waaaayyyy too long.

Have a blessed Monday!


  1. Wish I had a better memory! Fun list here. You revealed so much, I'll whisper that I too have "C". Don't want to write that word out because I'll see it on google search later. LOL! LOL! Don't want my photo popping up!


  2. Oh, phew, how rude of me to neglect to THANK YOU for honoring me with an award! I always appreciate that because it means I have friends. Thank you.

    Have a lovely day!


  3. That's a great list! I've inherited some of those same things including spider veins! UGH!

  4. So I'm curious, where did the love of chocolate come from? Was that genetic, too??

    It's fun to get to know other bloggers a little better. :)

    Take care!

  5. You sound like a fun person to be around. I love your chocolate post. I just returned from a week long of traveling and on the airplane, a lady near me was eating a Hershey's chocolate bar. I could smell it and wanted it so badly. When I finally got home..lost luggage not with me, I looked up a Hersheys bar and just savored it during the closing Olympics Ceremony. Great to be back to normal! LOL

  6. Congrats on the award. I enjoy learning a bit more about you. I enjoy your smile and you sense of humor,especially because I know you will laugh at my "poor" attempt at humor (also inherited from my dad).

  7. Thanks for the sweet award! I'll put a link to you on my site!

  8. Great post...I laughed out loud at the cellulite and not wearing clingy pants! That was a good one! LOL! Congrats on your award! You certainly deserve it, as you do chocolate so ever proud! :)!

    Hugs, Rhonda

  9. Getting the genes for hazel eyes and a good memory trump everything else!

  10. Lisa,

    Thanks for passing on that sweet award. I really appreciate it!

    Sorry I was so slow in coming by. I've gotten really behind in my emails but I'm finally catching up now.

    And - oh my goodness - your chocolate recipes are making me hungry!



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