Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Backwards Works-For-Me Wednesday: Effortless Toilet Cleaning?

**Update - I neglected to ever post about this - a very kind PR Rep had pity on me with my toilet cleaning issues and sent me Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel to try. It was easy to use and I liked that you didn't need to have any contraption hanging on your toilet. I enjoyed the fresh scent and my bowl was cleaner for longer. I still had to scrub occasionally, but it was definitely an improvement. See? Backwards WFMW really helps people - LOL!**

Works-for-me is backwards today! That means that I get to ask you a question, and you have to help me - HAVE to!!

OK, so here is my not-so-lovely dilemma. I really want to know a way to keep a toilet clean without effort - you know, like how a daily shower cleaner keeps the shower pretty.

Do you have any tips for something (preferably frugal) that you can put in the toilet to keep it shiny and clean without all the scrubbing? I would LOVE your ideas!!

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Thanks for your help!


  1. I'm not sure what they're called, but we buy "bleach tablets" and throw one in the tank every 3 months. They work very well!

  2. Swish and Swipe- I picked up this idea from FlyLady. I keep a toilet brush container thingy beside each toilet. I fill it with either shampoo and water or whatever cleaner I have (Pinesol etc). Then each morning I do a quick swish. Keeps stuff from building up. the Swipe- I keep a small bottle of windex in each bathroom and a roll of paper towels. Spray the paper towel and give the counter tops a quick swipe and then swipe the toilet lid, etc. Works pretty well. Then I only have to "deep clean" once a month or so.

  3. It's kind of like cleaning an over. The way I see it is it's by the time it gets really bad it's just easier to move lol.
    The bleach tablets sound good though.
    Blessings my friend.

  4. I love the Clorox toilet wand. And, if there is extra time I use Lysol toilet cling before swiping it.

    I love FlyLady's ideas (as mentioned in a previous comment) and they work well.... I've just never been able to stick with it! That's my laziness though... :)

  5. I have three big boxer dogs that drink out of the toilet and that can either keep it really clean, or it causes it to get dirty if they have been out in the dirt playing and it is all over their face. ha ha for me! But it is not cheap and frugal, so maybe not a good idea to pass on!

  6. I think the only true way to do this is to do a quick clean often. I keep a "green" toilet cleaner behind my toilet and clean it every couple of days. That way there is no scrubbing, it's always clean. That's the easiest plan I can think of.

  7. Just stopping by to say I'm so glad you submitted to The Sampler. Good for you!

  8. I'm all about easy! Pour about 1 cup of straight bleach into the bowl. I don't measure and when I pour, I pour the bleach in a circle around the edges so it gets on the sides and flows down into the water (as opposed to pouring it directly into the water). Let it sit about 15-30 minutes. After it sits, do a quick swish (and I mean QUICK--no scrubbing required) around the bowl with your toilet brush. Flush. It'll sparkle!

  9. I just kind of 'keep' mine clean (if that's possible with a toilet!)- swish it with the toilet brush and some comet or other toilet cleaner before it looks like it needs it. No hard scrubbing required that way, and you won't get caught with a yucky toilet if a visitor asks to use your bathroom.

    Cleaning the toilet may be the easiest, fastest job around the house, even though it has the worse reputation!

  10. Lisa, When you find the perfect answer...please let me know! I am in dire need of a quick and easy fix! :)

    I'm hosting a give-away in celebration of my 100th post! Come by and enter if you get a chance! :) ~Rhonda

  11. I use KaBoom! in my toilet and I like it. It's about $10 to start, and the cartridges ($3-$4) last about three months. I hardly ever have to clean the toilet bowl.

  12. The bleach tablets seemed to work great for me, until we had a plumber in to fix two (of 3) running toilets. He said the bleach tablets had made the plasticky and rubbery doohickies in the tank brittle, so that was why the toilets were running. He replaced the doohickies and I quit the bleach tablets.

    Anyway, now I shoot for Flylady's method. I might not swish & swipe daily, but I seem to get to it about 3 days a week, which is a big improvement! As Flylady says, housework done imperfectly still blesses your family.

    Good luck!

  13. I got this tip from the "Queen of Clean" lady. It sounds crazy but works great.

    Just put a scoop of Tang Orange Drink Mix into the toilet. Swish around and leave it to sit overnight. When you flush in the morning, the toilet will be sparkling clean.

    Makes you wonder what it does to your insides when you drink it...

  14. LOL, tang in the toilet. I am sure it works since you can get hard water deposits off using a can of Coke.

    My fave option is Borax (Sold as 20 Muleteam Borax in the laundry aisle) You may have to look at a couple of places but I did notice that Walmart started carrying it recently.

    1. flush the toilet like normal.
    2. Sprinkle some borax around the sides.
    3. go to bed
    4. You could use the toilet brush (if it actually needs it) or just flush.

    Tada the freshest toilet and an all natural cleaner.

  15. I love vinegar. Cheap, works great, and I don't have to worry about my 2 year old drinking it. LOL! I'd like to see that face!


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