Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reminders, but with graphics to keep you happy

I know, I'm reminding you about the same stuff again! But you are busy and I don't want you to have to trouble your minds with trying to remember these things. :) At least this time I have graphics for your viewing pleasure (not the greatest, but's something)!

Don't forget that tomorrow is...say it with me..."Would you like chocolate with that?" Here is my creation for that one:

Feel free to use it if you like. Get out your old or new family-friendly, chocolate-themed post and link it up tomorrow! We've had fun watching videos, gazing at pictures, and drooling over recipes. You can even share your thoughts or poems on chocolate, give us a chocolate review, or tell us about a chocolate cookbook - it's up to you! Looking forward to lots of yumminess tomorrow. You can look at last Friday if you need ideas.

And, once again I want to tell you about next week - all pumpkin! I finally named it (didn't even use the ideas I posted or your suggestions - how rude!) Pumpkin Potpourri Week. It starts Monday, September 22 and hopefully the announcements will show up in a couple of places. There will be pumpkin facts, yummy recipes, opportunities to link up, and giveaways. Be sure to stop by! Here's my pumpkin graphic:

If you put it on your blog with a link to my blog, I would greatly appreciate it! In fact, there will be a separate giveaway next week for "promoters", so if you use this in a post or put it on your sidebar with a link, please let me know and you'll be entered now in that giveaway! More details on Monday...

No more!

I'm excited for this theme week - I had so much fun with Summer Campout Week! I have thought of other theme weeks, but every other one I have thought of has to do with food - LOL!! Issues, perhaps? I thought of a Thanksgiving Week with recipes for dinner, a week of soups, a week of cake recipes (note: these are brainstorms only, not actual plans)- sheesh. Maybe I need to start a food blog - ha,ha!

Well, I hope I haven't made you too hungry now. :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. You did a great job with your meme's. I have all these ideas too. Blogging is so fun lol.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Oh please do a soup week. The weather is turning to the cool side and soup will be a delicious way to warm up the tummy and soul. I am looking for a tortillia soup reciepe that will taste as good as El Chico's and have not found one yet. I have tried SEVERAL. So maybe someone out there will have one for me. OK??
    I love your ...what do you call them? Pictures to promote? You have been busy. Getting pretty talented aren't you??? Good for you and hip hip hooray. I love coming to read your blog every day.

  3. Soup week sounds fun, I have a ton of soup recipes I have created and would love to share. :)
    I am putting the punkin' thingy on my blog! ;)


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