Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Procrastination Post - I Keep Putting It Off

I've been wanting to put down a few thoughts about my great struggle with procrastination, but I just never seem to get around to it. :)

I seriously do have a problem with procrastination and I'm not sure why. Of course, I don't seem to procrastinate on things like eating dessert or blogging! It is my sinful nature - wanting to do the things that I feel like right now and not the things I don't. But if all things are to be done for the glory of God - why wouldn't I want to do them right now instead of later? Again - sin. I need to ask the Lord for help with this. I certainly am not able to overcome it on my own, but He can do much more than I ask!

I know that many of you also struggle with this. Since I like you to find a smile when you stop by, I will share my struggles with a little humor sprinkled on top.

How do I procrastinate? Let me count the ways...
(These are all true - nothing made up - sadly)

~ My friend Kim wrote a post on procrastination over a month ago which made me want to accomplish several projects so I could cross them off my list ...but I haven't made the list yet.

~ I wanted to restart my friend Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean series ( I even guest posted about restarting it) ...over 31 days ago.

~ I bought supplies to make some cute little crafts to go with my blog ...but I haven't scheduled a craft day.

~ I wanted to write a few blog posts ahead so I wouldn't feel pressured late at night's almost midnight.

~ I got a large lateral filing cabinet in the garage so I could file our paperwork in there ...the boxes of paper are now on top of the filing cabinet.

There are MANY, but I couldn't list them all. I leave you with the best (and worst).

~ Several years ago, I bought a book called Do It Now ...but I never read it.

There you have it. I appreciate your prayers! Feel free to leave your thoughts on procrastination - I'd love to hear them!

Now don't forget that Friday is "Would you like chocolate with that?", so get your chocolate posts ready and come on by!


  1. This post made me chuckle. There are sevral things I've been meaning to accomplish that I've not gotten to. Blogging was kind of one of them, but thanks to the Lord (who always has other plans) I now have lots of time on my hands.

    I'm adding your blog to my new blog roll (who knew there was such a thing?). Thanks for your kind words and well wishes.


  2. Well my friend the first step is admittance and you just did that, so you are well on your way. I've done pretty good since I wrote that post but things still tend to get out of hand. It's something I think we all struggle with. I will be praying that you have the strength to endure this personal challenge. Let me know how you do. I'll hold you accountable lol!
    Blessings my friend

  3. Oh Lisa, welcome to my world! I am actually the queen of starting things, but then I never finish - follow through is a big problem I have. See, I would have read the book Do It Now, gotten really excited, and then get so overwhelmed that I don't do anything! I guess we all have our "bents" that we need to struggle against, ask God for help, and then rely on His grace. :)

  4. You and my husband. No, that is not true, at least you get started, I can't seem to get him started with projects right now. I need to light a fire under him...
    he is a retired fireman you know! ha ha ha I crack myself up! Life is busy, that is why you don't get things done, and that is fine! I assure you, you will get the important things done and the others when you get time. Life will go on! Enjoy the ride!

  5. I suffer from clinical depression and procrastination is part of the disorder. So, I struggle with it every day. I am on a pretty strict schedule to help me with it but there are days when the depression wins and that's ok too. It will get done tomorrow.

  6. heres one for you..I am on a 30 day diet..I've already lost 15

  7. So funny. I am a habitual procrastinator too. Sometimes it works to my advantage. My Christmas cards are already written for this year. You know why? I never got around to mailing them out last year. They have been sitting on my desk - written, addressed, and stamped - ever since December 26th of last year. (Yep, the 26th...)


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