Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tea for Two-sday ~ Another Tea Poem

I do like to attempt to write silly little poems and have come up with a few about tea, as you may have noticed.

Here is another attempt:

Time for Tea
by Lisa W.

Crisp orange leaves come floating down
And clouds are covering the sky.

I'd like to sip from a toasty cup
While picking apples for pie.
Time for Tea.

Barren trees stand old and blackened
Against the cold gray sky.

I'd like to sip from a steamy mug
While shoveling snow so high.
Time for Tea.

New green leaves pop out of branches
And birds fly through the sky.

I'd like to sip from a dainty cup
While following a butterfly.
Time for Tea.

Heat waves rise up and barely shimmer
In the pale blue cloudless sky.

I'd like to sip from an icy glass
While fanning myself dry.
Time for Tea.

I am not a good poet and I know it! This is not the best and not perfect, but I find it amusing to try. And I know that you tolerate my silliness! :)

Is it time for tea for you?


  1. Don't cut yourself short my friend. That was wonderful. Very fun indeed.
    Hugs to you.

  2. i love the poem. Very nice!!! I had some Hot Tea the other day as the weather is starting to get cold. Just regular grocery store tea bags. A little honey and a little milk. Warm and sweet it was relaxing!

  3. None of us are in the poetry judging business, and isn't poetry suppose to be what WE feel? I love it! I love your spirit, I love your humor, and I love that we have met becoming friends. There is always time for tea with you.

  4. You know what, the really silly poem is the one that you don't write!! I, too, write poetry...but I don't post it on my blog. Whenever my kids and I take a nature study day, which is usually weekly, I write poems about what we see (because my drawing is HORRIBLE). My poems are often corny, but they DO remind me of what I was focusing on that particular day. I wrote a particularly corny one last week as I watched a squirrel preparing for winter by burying nuts. Although I don't put it on my blog, I do post it in my nature notebook.

    Yesterday, I posted a poem about tea. It's not one that I wrote, just one I like. Stop by and read it if you have a chance. I love everything to do with tea.


  5. I think that is just lovely:-) With the fall chill in the air, my daughter and I had our first "real" tea party today. Very apropos:-)

  6. Love it!

    I drink tea all day long, especially when it's chilly out, then I can't drink cold well water! But hot, Yum!!

  7. Hey Lisa,

    I enjoyed that poem. I love tea iced and hot. Stash brand goji berry green tea is a recent new favorite. It has rooibos which is doubly good. Hope you are feeling better!


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