Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tea for Two-sday ~ Tuck Box Scones

A few months ago, I posted about a tearoom in Carmel that I had been to a couple of times - The Tuck Box.

When I was there, I bought a can of their scone mix because I love their scones! Sadly, it sat in my cupboard for quite a while.

But recently, I actually got it out and made scones on a Saturday morning! Yummy!! They are basic scones - not super sweet, but I like how they say to prepare them. After baking, you take each layer, cut in half, then toast or broil with cut side up. Then brush with melted butter - mmmm. The Tuck Box serves them with cream and preserves, of course. But to save a couple of calories, we did without and just enjoyed them with the butter. I was just telling my husband that I think it's wrong that I'm doing this post and I don't have one to eat right now!

The back of the tin says this: "The Tuck Box scone recipe was brought to the U.S. by Elsie Grandfield, who owned The Tuck Box from 1948 to 1959 with her husband, John. It originated in Scotland."

Just when I was thinking that it would be nice to have some more, I discovered that there is a way to mail-order the mix through www.tuckbox.com! Woo-hoo!

Hope you enjoyed a taste of The Tuck Box! Have a blessed day!


  1. It sounds like a quaint little place. I love places like that. How fun and it looks yummy.Thanks for sharing my friend.

  2. Mmmm, those look delicious. I love Scones, I have a delish recipe for Blueberry Scones and a fantastic one that's a "lunch or brunch" type scone that is bacon and cheese. MMMMMmmmmm, makin' me hungry!

  3. As soon as I saw your first picture, I knew right away where you had gone. I love that area...the shops are great (although a little pricey) but the environment is one of a kind. The scones look so good and my cup of coffee next to the computer ALMOST looks like it has a mate. Thanks for sharing. I will have to forward this one to Mark.


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