Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beauty on the Baseball Field

Obviously, I LOVE my kid! I like his smartness, his sense of humor, his love of the Lord, and the fact that he also likes to stop and smell the chocolates of life.

Last night, we were admiring the beginning of the sunset while driving home from the grocery store - wisps of clouds tinted orange and pink against the pale blue sky. My son asked me if I had seen the sunset the night before, during his baseball game. I had not. I was paying attention to the players on the field, of course!

My son told me that he was sorry I had missed it - he said that it was the brightest red and the prettiest sunset he had ever seen in his life! He had noticed it while he was on third base. :)

Well, he will not be the next great pro baseball player with that sort of focus on the game - LOL! - but I am so happy that he takes the time to stop and appreciate God's beauty right in the middle of ordinary life.

I encourage you to stop for a moment in your busy day to appreciate something beautiful that God has put in your life.


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  1. Lisa, I think your son will be an artist - perhaps a poet. At his age, to take in such beauty and then remember to tell about it...ahh, how lovely! :)

  2. *Sigh* I didn't get nominated for anything lol. Just kidding. Way to go my friend.
    I love that your son appreciates the wonderful things God has given us.
    Hugs to you.
    I'm going to go vote.

  3. I think it's great that he appreciates things like that! We should all stop or at least slow down:-)

  4. You better believe I'm going to check out Would you like chocolate with that?

    My first thoughts while reading your blog was, "she so needs a meme or something on chocolate!"

    I AM and addict! My poor Sophie...she has a double dose. We are serious about chocolate!

    Okay....I'll be smelling the chocolates around here a bit.

    Wanted to thank you for stopping by to smell, er, uh, see my mullet! ;)

    Thanks for the sweet comment! You shoud so try it!
    Rena Gunther

  5. Hi Lisa, Isn't it neat and refreshing to see true beauty through the eyes of our children! :) You have one perceptive young man there!

    Can we post any dessert tommorow, or just chocolate? Oh, and CONGRATS, on being nominated for the Divine Caroline thing! I voted for you, I think....LOL! I'm not a member, so I assume it took my vote! Wishing you well, dear friend! You certainly deserve it! ~Rhonda

  6. Well that is just cool! Don't you love these kids. The older mine gets, the more I love him. I am just not quite sure how that is possible! Motherhood is an amazing thing!

  7. Oh, I went and voted for you! How cool is that! I hope you win!


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