Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tea for Two-sday ~ How Much Tea Is Too Much or You Probably Shouldn't Buy Me Any Tea For Christmas

I knew I had a lot of tea - I'm a bit of an impulse tea buyer. But I think I have enough now to survive a natural disaster. I decided to take pictures of my tea just to see how much there really is.

These are my tea bags - just a few of the essentials, right? I even forgot a box or two in the picture. I have over 18 kinds of tea bags! Is that a lot?

This is the loose leaf tea I have on hand at the moment, you know, in case I have to throw an emergency tea party or something. Again, I forgot one and it brings the count to over 14 kinds of loose leaf tea.

How much tea do you have on hand? Is there something wrong with me? - don't answer that.

Sorry this is brief - I gotta go - I have a LOT of tea to drink.


  1. I am so guilty of that! I have a whole rack on the wall designated just for my tea. *sigh* I am an addict to. It looks to me like we need to have a tea party my friend.

  2. Looks like a normal amount of tea to me! (You've only seen part of my stash. I'm not crazy enough to leave photographic eveidence where Hubby Dearest can fin it)

  3. LOL! I recently got rid of my LOADS of tea because I had had it forever! Seriously, I think since college!

    Your tea looks super yummy!

  4. I have never counted but I have a lot too. It's such an easy quick gift to give that I have accumulated quite a collection as well:-)

  5. Ha, that does look like a lot of tea! But then again, I like to have a basket of tea on hand for friends. I enjoy it but I end up drinking coffee instead!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving & many blessings,

  6. I need more tea. Really, is there such thing as too much tea? One never knows what type of tea you will feel like having. Now, if you think you need to be relieved of any, I'm here for you! :)


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