Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Photo Bloopers

My friend Sarah at Real Life is having a Christmas Photo Bloopers Carnival! I thought I would join in and you better stop over there to check out the fun!

We didn't take very many pics this year - here's the worst, and hubby didn't get in the pic:

A couple of years ago, we tried to get the dog in the picture, which failed:

Feel free to share your Christmas photo bloopers!


  1. Those are good-real life "bloopers" to the family pose.

  2. Oh, that's so funny! The look on your face in the first one is hilarious!

  3. You don't even want to see ours. It's too planned lol. We always have a bunch of planned funny pictures lol.
    Your family is so precious.

  4. Ok, that is pretty funny. Bloopers are always fun to look at, and how brave you are to share with millions of people around the world! I love your dog!


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