Monday, December 1, 2008

Motivate Me Monday ~ Be Still

It's another Motivate Me Monday from Sarah Mae - be sure to stop by for a great start to your week!

I wasn't able to be up at 5 AM every day last week with Thanksgiving and not feeling well, but when I was - I saw a verse mentioned in my devotional. From Psalm 46:10, we read "Be still, and know that I am God."

It is in the stillness that we can best meditate upon His word and hear what He wants to tell us. When we are up at 5 AM, the world is dark and mostly still. There is quiet outside and hopefully some quiet inside before our family members awake! It helps our minds to focus more on the Lord and I think it gives our day a better start.

There are other "still" times of the day and night and I encourage you to use those times to read the Bible and pray, but I still feel that the early morning is the best now that I have experienced it!

I pray that you find many "still" moments this week to hear what the Lord is telling you. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Lisa, how true! I have found the morning to be the stillest (is that a word?). Thank you for this encouragment!

  2. I sure do hope you get better my friend. It's not fun feeling under the weather this time of year!!

  3. Yes, early morning is my "still" time. Then the world is fresh and clean...until I read the newspaper or turn on the tv news.


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