Monday, December 15, 2008

Motivate Me Monday ~ Morning Glory

As part of the 5:16 AM club, I am committed to getting up early and spending time with the Lord before starting my day. The first week I did this, I prayed every night and the Lord got me up every morning without much struggle - it was amazing for me (Miss Extreme Night Owl). This week and last week, I have really struggled with getting up. I had all the usual excuses - too busy, too tired, stayed up too late. But I realized that the real difference was that I didn't make it as important of a commitment...and...I wasn't praying for God to help me stay committed and to help me wake up early! I made the mistake that we sinners so often make - I tried to rely on myself instead of depending on God.

So, I am back to working on motivating myself to get up bright and early and will rely on the Lord to help me do it. If you are struggling with this right now, I encourage you to simply ask the Lord for help. Be encouraged - it can be done! Don't give up!

And though you can spend time with the Lord any time of day, I still like the idea of starting the morning with Him. I found this entry several days ago in my devotional (Streams in the Desert) and was motivated to keep trying to make my time for the Lord in the morning:

First, a beautiful description of the glory of morning by George MacDonald:

"Have you ever risen early, climbed a hill, and watched God make a morning? The dull gray gives way as He pushes the sun toward the horizon, and then the tints and hues of every color begin to blend into one perfect light as the full sun suddenly bursts into view. As king of the day, the sun moves majestically across the sky, flooding the earth and every deep valley with glorious light. At this point, you can hear the music of heaven's choir as it sings of the majesty of God Himself and of the glory of the morning."

And this poem from the same day in the devotional fits our club nicely:

"In the early morning hours,
'Twixt the night and day,
While from earth the darkness passes
Silently away;

Then it's sweet to talk with Jesus
In your bedroom still--
For the coming day and duties
Ask to know His will.

Then He'll lead the way before you,
Laying mountains low;
Making desert places blossom,
Sweet'ning sorrow's flow.

Do you want a life of triumph,
Victory all the way?
Then put God in the beginning
Of each coming day."

As I finish typing this post on a cold and rainy morning, the rain has recently stopped and the sun just started shining - glorious! I hope that even if the sun isn't shining where you are, the Lord will put sunshine in your heart today!

Have a blessed, motivating Monday!

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Lisa :)


  1. Lisa, you have officially motivated me! Seriously, with this pregnancy I am just exhausted all the time! I was going to just retire my mornings and give into sleep because my body does need it, but I think I can keep committed to three days a week of rising early... and on those days I will plan a long nap! Thank you SO much for this post!

  2. I LOVE Streams in the Desert! I also love the reminder that we need to focus on God for our strength for this. Some mornings just seem too cold and the blankets too cozy! Thanks for sharing this today!

  3. In the Scriptures, we see Jesus getting up before the others, in order to spend time with the Father. I guess if Jesus does it, it's a good thing for us to do as well. I readily admit, though, I don't get up as early as I would like...especially now that it's winter. It's cold and dark...and it's easy to stay in bed. In the summer, though, when it's light at 5:00, it is VERY easy for me to get up early.

    By the way, I lived in the Kalispell area, graduating from Flathead High School. We went back for a visit 2 summers ago (after having not been back since 1999). There was SO much change...and not for the better I might add. It reminded me of Aspen or Vail....very yuppyish, very expensive, not at all the sleepy little logging town where I grew up. My parents lament the growth, but at their ages (70's), they don't much feel like moving.

    Blessings to you,

  4. This is lovely, and so true! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and this wonderful poem!

  5. Thanks for this post - I particularly loved the description of the glory of the morning by George MacDonald - it was beautiful! And also the poem - a great inspiration! Thank you. :)

  6. I seriously needed this reminder today and the remotivation. with my son being out of school, we are all wanting to sleep in, but it is soooo important to spend that time with God! Thanks!

  7. thank you so much, Lisa! i've been struggling with this exact same situation, and i could not figure it out - duh!!! i feel like i'm in one of those v8 commercials where the main character gets smacked in the forehead, loL! :) thanks again!

  8. That was so beautiful. I have that devotional but have not really dug into it. Do you mind if I use that poem on my blog for personal use?

    I also recently wrote a post about all the excuses I use when unable to get up in the mornings. I could give you a list a mile long...and then it hit me...anything worth doing is NOT going to be easy! I simply give up or give in if there is any bit of discomfort invovled and I need to stop that! LOL It's going to require's going to cost me something. That's where God will meet my sacrifice.


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