Monday, December 22, 2008


Sounds like a word to me - means random thoughts that few will actually take the time to read - LOL!

I just had to mention that we had to buy a new microwave - wasn't really the plan for Christmas, but that's the way it goes. It didn't die - it just doesn't heat anything, which is kinda what I used it for.

Anyway, hubby finally went out tonight for one - and found a good deal on a better one than we currently have (yay for Christmas sales!). But he had to special-order it and it will take a week!! Why? Because I wanted it in...white. If I wanted stainless steel - no problem, but very basic, easy white - takes a week to come in.

I do like stainless steel, but then I would eventually need a new refrigerator - to match, you know - and hubby seems to think that our fairly new white refrigerator is a keeper. And besides, stainless steel is cool right now - but 10-15 years from now, are people going to say, "Oh, that's so 1st decade of the 21st century." ?

I predict that there will be new "cool" appliance colors by that time. Perhaps red, or camouflage print so they just disappear! Or maybe they will be transparent - you'll be able to see your dishes getting clean, your microwave getting dirty, your bread burning in the oven, and which leftovers have mold in your refrigerator without opening a single door! You might want to check back here in 10 years to see if I was right.


  1. I can say that I definitely would not want a see through anything in my kitchen. I like that I can hide things behind closed doors!

  2. I've already seen all the designer colors for the new appliances. An orange washer and dryer will NOT improve MY life! We got a nice, new, white microwave recently, too. I thought it was the same as the old one, which was suddenly smelling very much like it wanted to blow-up. Same price, must be the same, right? Nope. Much bigger. Who knew?

  3. I wish we lived closer, you could use mine. It's on it's way to the Goodwill. Our new house has one built-in so we have to get rid of the one we bought when we got married. It's kind of sad...

  4. We have all white appliances. It makes our otherwise dark kitchen seem brighter. We also just got a new microwave. Weird:-)

  5. I am a very basic person too. I did however go with black appliances, easier to keep clean. Well easier to not see the fingerprints and dirt! Our microwave is on the way out, sometimes it just runs on its own, sometimes it runs and does not heat, and sometimes it works perfectly! Go figure!


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