Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tea for Two-sday ~ Tea Contests/Specials

Late again with Tea for Two-sday! I seem to be running behind so far this holiday season - I won't even begin to tell you all of the Christmas things I have not done - I CAN'T because I haven't even listed them out yet!! Can we just add another week? :)

I ran across some tea contests and specials. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't pass them along to you? Just click on the links to go check them out.

~ Hallmark and Bigelow are having a sweepstakes called 'Tis The Season For Tea where you can win several lovely tea prizes.

~ Bigelow Tea is having a "Tell Us Your Favorite Constant Comment Story" contest. You can win a trip to the Charleston Tea Plantation!

~ Stash Tea has a Bed and Breakfast offer. For 3 proofs of purchase and $3.95, they will send you their B&B guide and a certificate for a free night's stay when purchasing a consecutive night (good until 5/31/09).

~ If you have never tried loose-leaf tea or want to try new flavors, you might want to check out Special Teas' sample collections. They have 1 ounce each of 5 different teas starting at $10. This could even be sent to someone as a gift (except me, 'cause you already saw how much tea I have in my cupboard - LOL!).

~ Enjoying Tea has a Christmas Sale that includes several kinds of tea and some tea gifts.

~ This last one is not a contest and not even a special! But if you are a chocolate-lover like me, you might want to drool over the selection of chocolate teas at Might Leaf Tea!

Have fun looking around at the contests and specials! Happy Tea for Two-sday!


  1. Oh boy more time for me to waste lol. Just kidding my friend. Thank you for the links. I asked my Mother, my mother in law and my husband for tea related things this year as I don't have any nice tea cups or anything. If any of them were website savey I'd send them to you etsy store lol.
    Hugs my friend.

  2. It is always yummy at your blog ;o)

    I will have to check out some of those links. Chocolate tea sounds yummy!


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