Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tea for Two-sday ~ Teavana

I was in the mall near me last week checking out a whole new section that opened up. They added and changed so much that I was almost lost. Obviously, I will need to make more trips to the mall to get it all figured out!

Just as I was heading out to meet my hubby by the door, I realized I had completely missed a new store - a tea store! It was Teavana. I had no time left to go and browse inside (I will do it soon). I did manage to stop just outside of it where they had a cart with sample teas and tried some Rooibos Chai - yum! I also grabbed a brochure which lists some yummy teas that I will have to try.

Teavana has been there for almost 2 months now, I think. And I had no idea! Maybe you better check around in your area - there could be a new tea store or restaurant that you don't know about!

Have a wonderful tea-filled day!


  1. Lisa, we have a cute little tea place here, but it is so expensive! It's one of those special treats that you go to on special "girl time" occations! :)

  2. Tea, couldn't live or function without it. For now we're treating ourselves to my daughter's stash from Christmas.
    Best wishes

  3. Glad you found the Teavana...at last! By the way...maybe you would consider dropping by and linking up your tea story on our National Hot Tea month blog-a-thon. You could do the first week even, as I'd love to know how you got introduced to tea. Invite your friends, too, then we can have a big party.

  4. Don't you just love new discoveries!!! That is neat and now you have something to look forward to. Another outing to the mall for ...tea!

  5. Sounds delicious! We don't have anything like that near us. So I am completely jealous :o)

  6. Oh Lisa, I hope you are talking about the big mall really near your house that is remodeling...I love Teavana! I found it in the Bay Area a few years ago and really like their stuff. How exciting that it is now only a short drive away! Thanks for letting us know.



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