Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Deep and Meaningful Post - NOT!

I'm sorry if you were looking for profound bits of wisdom today - you won't find them here - LOL!!

Just a few random thoughts...maybe we'll call it Thursday's Thoughts.

~ It's rainy here and I am not usually a fan of the rain. I know we need it; I just don't like being out in it. However, yesterday I left my car in the driveway (instead of garage) on purpose and hoped for pouring rain. The day before, I parked under a tree and my white car ended up being covered in splats of berries and bird poo. It looked like it had been attacked with a purple/brown paintball gun and there were at least 100 spots - not kidding! I tried to pretend like it wasn't there as I went through the Starbucks drive-thru, but the burst of laughter from the lady at the window brought me back to reality. Thank goodness we did get pouring rain and I am no longer an embarrassment to society! :)

~ My son's Valentine's party is today at school. We decided on mini boxes of Nerds candy to give to each kid. What kid doesn't love hardened tangy bits of sugar artificially flavored and colored? OK - sadly, I like 'em too. Did you know that Nerds don't have any of the top 8 food allergens? That's right - they are an excellent candy to hand out to classmates who have food allergy issues. Well, maybe excellent is a little strong, but they work and they're cheap - LOL!

~ I watch American Idol and Lost. Whew, admitted it. AI seemed a bit too scripted this time and some of the people that will be in the finals can't be taken seriously. I also don't appreciate them making 2 people sing against each other when they already know their decision - too fake. Still, I will be watching next week. And Lost requires a lot of my brain cells to follow. I'm still a bit confused, but those writers/producers are extremely skilled in making me think I absolutely MUST see the next episode and I can hardly wait a week and I feel like maybe I'll be able to figure out how it all fits together then! :)

~ I did my first post yesterday at Chic Critique as a new contributor. If you haven't stopped by yet, will you come by and tell me hello over there? Rather than thinking of it as shameless promotion, you can think of it as insecurity and a need for validation - LOL!

~ Chocolate Friday tomorrow! Come back here and link up your old or new chocolate-themed posts. Maybe some of you have posted about Valentine's Day - if chocolate is included, come link up! It really is best to share the chocolate!

I guess I've taken up enough of your time with all these deep thoughts! Have a wonderful Thursday, my friends!


  1. *snif*snif* I am so touched by what you wrote.

  2. Oh it all makes sense now! What? I'm not sure. I need to go back and read it all again. LOL. So how come everyone gets asked to write stuff? I don't get asked to write stuff? Is it because I write stupid stuff? LOL. Doesn't anyone need a good laugh column? Ha! Ha! I missed you this morning my friend.
    I'm going to go check out your article right now and leave snide remarks!
    Love you my sister.

  3. We did Valentines today. My daughter wrote cards and I made brownies. I will come back tomorrow and link them up:-)

  4. Lisa,

    I've missed stopping by. Been writing! I am going to have to come by and check out what you have as far as the Valentine chocolates go for sure!

    We live so close to each other that my weather is your weather...I am a sick and twisted gal who LOVES these wet and gloomy days.

    Thanks for the tip about parking under berry trees.

  5. I love your random thoughts, Lisa...and I can just picture your polka dotted car. lol

    Stay Cozy, Carrie


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