Friday, February 27, 2009

Would You Like Chocolate With That? ~ Gettin' Real

Welcome to Chocolate Friday! That means the weekend is here - Woo Hoo!

Well, today I wanted to talk about chocolate but in a different way than I usually do. A while back, I was inspired by Kimba's post at A Soft Place To Land about being real. She wanted to make sure that people knew that even though she creates so much beauty in her home, things are not perfect - she's got messes just like the rest of us.

I thought it was time I get real too! I hope that people don't get the wrong impression when they stop by and see pictures of yummy chocolate recipes.

Does it make you think I'm always baking homemade goodies for my family? I don't. I only make goodies for potlucks, special events, to give to friends, or to blog about - LOL! I have no willpower and can't have those yummy things around.

Are you intimidated by how fancy some of the desserts look? Don't be. I prefer fairly easy recipes and all I do is follow the instructions. Also - remember that you only see what I show you through the camera lense. You're not getting the full picture with flour spilled on the floor, dirty dishes piled in the sink, stains on the recipe card, and cupboards half-emptied. Why do you think the pictures are usually taken on my dining room table? Because my kitchen is too much of a mess by the time I'm done!

And you should know that not every recipe I try is a success. I recently had a couple of failures - always disappointing, but it does help to keep me humble! One was a Chocolate Walnut Bread - oh it sounded good, but turned out dense and rubbery. Hubby tried to eat it - saying he didn't mind a "hearty" bread as long as there was some butter on it. We still ended up throwing some away (and that is a really bad sign 'cause I don't like to throw away any sweets, no matter how old or stale - LOL).

And how about this? Doesn't it look scrumptious?
It wasn't. I couldn't even finish that cup. It was a Chocolate Chai Drink - seemed like a good idea, but it tasted like really really weak hot chocolate.

And here's where I am gettin' really real - my favorite go-to cookies to take somewhere or for my son are none other than these:

Yup! It's true - it's a mix. Everybody always loves them too - I get compliments - LOL!! Aaahhh...I feel better now that you know. See? I'm nowhere near perfect (Um, you probably already knew that).

I'm just another busy mom trying to enjoy some chocolate! So - obviously I need you to link up some chocolate posts today! Remember, you don't even have to link up a recipe (though chocolate recipes are always greatly appreciated) - it can be anything about chocolate or you can get real with me! For more info on Would You Like Chocolate With That?- click here.

I'm sure you can post something or find something in your archives - come on back and link it up!

Have a "real" chocolate Friday! I think that a "real" woman isn't afraid to have chocolate for breakfast! :) Are you a "real" woman like me?


  1. I am so taking my picture off your follower list now! LOL. Is this confession time? Cause in real life I'm a lot taller! LOL. We had a huge family over for dinner last night and guess what was for dessert? French Silk pie! I'd post the recipe but I didn't make it. Hee! Hee! But it was sooo good!
    Happy Friday my sweet Friend!

  2. Because of your picture last week, I tried my version of chocolate oatmeal for breakfast this morning. (Although I forgot about the chocolate chips!) It was actually really good. I don't need chocolate for breakfast (I prefer late afternoon), but I have a son who wants chocolate chips every morning. I've linked to one of his "acceptable" muffin recipes. And the rest of us like them too.

  3. Oh yes! I can so relate. I'm not even in the same book as perfect, and I had chocolate (as a matter of fact) for breakfast.

  4. I linked up my Iron Cupcake:Milwaukee Challenge. It qualifies:-)

  5. Real is always good!!! Great post Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Okay, I really wish I hadn't discovered this site until after Lent is over. I'll be back after Easter.

  7. So true, Lisa. It's best that we all fess up to our mistakes so we don't strive for perfection. Oh yeah, I left the burner on the stove on low and burned up a plastic bag to clean up! haha

    I am having another giveaway if you would like to come on board...

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  8. I found your blog today, too late to link up for a Friday post. However, I had made chocolate chip waffles for breakfast this morning. A favorite of ours. We use powdered sugar instead of syrup. I used the mini chocolate chips for the first time this morning (I usually use the regular ones). They were much better. I like semi-sweet in my desserts over milk chocolate. Hopefully next week I can link up on Friday.

  9. Your blog is awesome! Very pretty layout, too. I will visit again! Although it could be a problem, because now I am craving chocolate...!

  10. Thanks for being real my friend! Too often we put up a fake front that no one could live up to. I was over at a friend's house recently and she had dirty dishes from the night before in her sink. I told her "thank you for making me feel normal".

    And yes, I have been known to eat chocolate for breakfast before :o)


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