Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Rambler

That's me - I just feel like rambling today. I had a couple of different posts I was going to do, but they felt like too much effort. Sometimes I just want to write whatever is on my mind. Do you know that feeling?

Like, I want you to know that I had a good hair day yesterday - LOL! I should have taken a picture, 'cause you really can't tell now. Just thought you should know that I have them occasionally.

My son has been home sick all week with a cough and fever. Poor kid! It is so hard for me to see my energetic son be mellow (OK, well that's not really the hard part) and sleep in the middle of the day, hardly eat anything, and not even want any treats at all. He must be VERY sick! I don't know yet if he will even make it to school on Friday. Bad timing, too as they're finishing up projects to display at Open House on Monday.

I finished baking a dessert for my morning Ladies Bible Study - it smells yummy! I'll post it on Friday (Don't forget to stop by and link up your desserts - with or without chocolate!). But WHY do I always seem to do my baking very very late at night??

Did you know that Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend? So early! I do like daylight, but losing an hour of sleep makes me a little grouchy. Don't forget to change your clocks!

I am still feeling so unorganized and not on top of things in my home. I don't like the feeling and need to start improving. I always feel like I am behind. I know I need to start small so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. Maybe the start of Daylight Saving can be my fresh start - LOL! However, losing an hour doesn't seem like a good way to begin - I need to gain a few hours!

I hope your week is going well. Feel free to ramble on about it in the comments! :)


  1. I'm with you my friend. Losing an hour makes me a bit grumpy! I am so excited about your good hair day. You really should have taken a picture!!! We need to talk again. We would be dangerous if we were neighbors! Wouldn't we?
    Big Hair Day Size hugs! Oh that was a good one!
    Love you sister friend.

  2. Yes, indeed; I do know what you're talking about. Sometimes I, too, just feel like rambling. Congratulations on your good hair day! It's a fabulous feeling, isn't it? You feel like you could tackle the world (okay; maybe that's pushing it?). I hope your little guy feels better!

    And hey- we all feel behind always... one thing at a time. A little bit of chocolate may help that feeling of being overwhelmed?

  3. I'm sorry he's still not feeling well. That is no fun at all!

    Love the good hair days :o) And just take the house one day at a time. I am not sure we are ever really caught up!

    Take care my friend. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  4. I hear ya! We are still sick here too!

  5. oh I can't stop by to often your header is delish looking!

    I understand the rambling it must be in the air..I posted almost the same thing this AM.

    Hope your little guy starts to feel better!

  6. Hi Lisa, Sure hope your son is better soon...Bless His Heart! The flu and other, has been going around my kids school and Ashley had 7 out of 19 in her class yesterday. The freshman class only had 5 present! I know what you mean about being overwelmed by disorganization. I have really been trying to do some deep purging and cleaning, but I seem to be making a bigger mess! LOL! And then I face the..."what to do with the many stray items that just fit in nowhere!" LOL! Oh well, tomorrow is another day! :)

    Hugs, Rhonda :)

    Oh, and CONGRATS on the good hair day, we really need those once in a while! LOL! :)

  7. I hope your son feels better soon.
    I laughed about your good hair day - I usually only have a good hair day, it it's the day I am going to the hairdresser to fix the hair that has been driving me crazy for weeks.


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