Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review: Ballas Hough Band CD

I recently signed up with One2One Network. So glad I did - I received the new Ballas Hough Band CD to review!

A lot of you will know who they are - two of the best dancers from the show Dancing With The Stars! But can they sing? Oh yeah! And they can play too!

The best way I can describe their sound is to take Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers, Back Street Boys, and throw in a splash of Jackson 5! I've already listened to the CD a few times and it gets me dancing around the house and trying to sing along (OK - fun for me, but not a pretty sight or sound for you - LOL!).

I don't know how they have the time and energy to be professional dancers, singers, and musicians (while I can barely keep up a blog) but they do it all so well. You can keep track of what they're up to at their website.

I have a few favorite songs on the CD. I really like the first two: Do You Love Me and Devastated. They make me want to dance and sing! I love the song Longing For - it sounds so pretty with Emily Grace's lovely vocals mixed in. The songs Birthday and Together Faraway have a little Jackson 5 flair to them that I like. And the last song Underwater is sad and pretty at the same time - will really appeal to anyone who has experienced a breakup. I know there will be lots of people playing that one over and over...and over.

Overall it's a great upbeat energetic CD. I do enjoy the sound and am impressed with the vocals and the music from these multi-talented kids (yeah, it's a bad sign when you start referring to people in their 20's as kids - means you are starting to get old, right?). The CD was released 3/10. If you're interested in buying it, stop here.

All you kids have a great day!

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