Saturday, March 14, 2009

Show & Tell Saturday ~ Favorite Pet

My fabulous friend Kim at Homesteaders Heart hosts Show and Tell Saturdays and today's theme is your favorite pet. Stop over there to read about other pets, but also to link up your favorite!

Well, I suppose that I have to say that our current pet is our favorite so he doesn't get his feelings hurt - LOL! Here he is...

That's our Basset Hound - Buster.

He is a funny dog and my son absolutely adores him! He's a very mellow dog which is perfect for our family.

I have always been a cat person, and a bit afraid of dogs. But Buster is growing on me, even with the drooling and dog odor! :)

We have had him for almost 3 years. Shortly after we moved into this house, some people were giving Buster away and we had been looking for a mellow dog to help my son get over his fear of dogs. They brought him over to meet us and he never left (um, unless you count trips to the vet, the groomer, and a few "escape" attempts - LOL)!

He's a purebred basset hound with papers and fairly obedient (they are naturally stubborn). He was already trained to scratch at the door when he wants out. He was bigger than we expected - weighs over 50 pounds, though he is not overweight. If you want to see a video of him, you can look here.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our favorite pet!

Don't forget: to stop by Kim's to read about other pets, to stop by my other blog to enter a giveaway, and to stop by yesterday's chocolate post to drool over all the great chocolate that was linked up!


  1. He is just so cute! My Aunt had a Basset hound once. I just remember his big floppy ears!
    I'm so sorry you plans got all messed up. I hope your hubby is feeling better.
    Big Find him a working thermometer size hugs today!
    Love you sister!

  2. He's adorable! I love the picture of him in the roller coaster. My son loves those coasters. They don't stay up very long, though, because they take up almost the whole room!

  3. He's so cute! My sister had a Basset hounds named...get this...Ugh! Don't ask me...her goofy husband!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Is Buster single? I've got a basset/beagle mix (aka "bagel") named Katie who looks a lot like him! She's an older woman but can still chase squirrels like there's no tomorrow. (:
    Enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing!


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