Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guest Post: What Kind of Woman Do Your Children See?

Sarah Mae has been a wonderful blog friend for a long time. She blogs at Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee. She just recently had her third sweet baby and still took time to do a guest post! Her blog is full of wonderful inspiring series including cleaning, modesty, and marriage among others. She started the 5:16 Am Club and hosts Motivate Me Mondays. She is also responsible for me finally joining Twitter - when Sarah Mae signed up, I could resist the trend no longer - LOL! She has an excellent post on something I struggle with.

What Kind of Woman Do Your Children See?

As I was sitting at the computer this morning I looked over at my two kiddos and thought, "is this how they picture mommy - always at the computer?"

How often am I at the computer? How often do they see me "reading the news?" How often do they hear, "just a minute honey...I'll be with you in just a minute." How many minutes a day is "just a minute" really?

I don't know about you, but the above thoughts really made me think about what kind of woman my kids see when they look at me? What kind of woman am I?

Recently I have been hearing this question from mom's: "how can I balance it all - family, work, me-time, life?" The question bothers me because it implies that somehow all these "things" should be balanced, as if they are equal. They are not, can not, and should not be equal or balanced.

Then I look at myself and realize I am the mom trying to "balance" everything.

I pretend I'm not, like I'm somehow above the women who actually ask the question out loud. They are honest, just deceived by the cultural mentality that we can do it all, and do it all well. I may not be under that same deceit, but I am under another. One perhaps far worse. The deception that I am doing it all, and doing it all well.

How about you?

When your children look at you, who do they see? What legacy are you leaving imprinted on their impressionable memories?

Balance - let's rethink it.


  1. Good question. That's why I try to do my "computer time" BEFORE they wake up so they aren't looking at the back of my head all day! LOL.
    I really try to let the Holy Spirit rule my day and guide me in all that I should be doing. Not to say that I always listen but He will definitely tell me the areas that need work.
    Blessings to you Sarah Mae.
    Um Lisa your little TOP COMMENTATOR thing is broken. It's saying I'm second now and I know that's wrong! LOL. I don't miss a post my friend. FIX IT! FIX IT NOW! LOL. Are you laughing? Good!
    BIG I've been knocked down a notch hugs to you my friend.

  2. I had that same revelation yesterday afternoon when Princess asked me to just play with her outside and do school work later. I'm a full time college student, free lance write, avid blogger ... so the computer is a large part of my day. I am trying to restructure things so that the computer is fit into my day and not the other way around. Thanks for the reminder that I don't have to seek balance, but I do need to align my priorities so those at #1 realize it!

  3. My 15 year daughter sent me a button on Facebook that read "Not now Sweetie Mommy is on Facebook". I realized I needed to get off. So I started Blogging.hehe. I do not start till she is out the door. Then I pace my self during the day so I will be done in the evening. On the Weekends I get on before anyone gets up. This summer will be tricky.

  4. It is so hard... I balance an outside of the home job of 25-30 hrs per week, a husband, 2 kids with all manner of activities, and a myriad of other things. I did learn a year or so ago when I was severly suffering from some burn-out that I had to say NO and not feel obligated to volunteer for everything. I am now very picky about what I will spend extra time away from my family to do... Very Picky.

    Wonderful post and great things to think about.

  5. I was justing thinking about this same thing last night! I was sitting alone and began to evaluate the day.I was thinking that I should have spent more time, been more patient, nagged less, and vowed to do it better the next day! I really want to be the kind of mom God wants me to be.

  6. Ouch! A hard lesson to be taught. I am going to ponder this for a while and see how much of the pie insignificant things are taking up in my life.


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