Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Another Spring Day In Montana

I am still visiting in Montana, enjoying the Spring weather. Er, well, enjoying is the wrong word. I like sun. I like warmth. I thought those things were part of Spring.

Let's look at some Spring pics together...

What is this? Spring snowflakes gathering together on a barbecue cover, making plans.

Spring snowflakes surrounding me, laughing at the CA girl who is freezing.

Oh look! Some new Spring icycles* are hatching!

How lawns get watered in the Spring.

You know, I was in Montana during another Spring a few years ago. Trying to remember what it was like...

Oh yeah, it was snowing!

Are you enjoying Spring as much as I am?? :)

P.S. You will want to come by tomorrow! I will be featuring a pretty DaySpring tea item and giving it away!!

*Edited to add - Did you notice my misspelled word? It's actually "icicle" - hubby corrected me and I thought you should know. :)

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  1. I remember the Spring Snow showers when I lived in Colorado. We would stand out in Shorts and Tee shirts in that snow. I even have photos of it!LOL. What a crazy thing, Always happened. Oh buy the way Weather here. Spring day temp 95 degrees!!lol Daughter wants the pool opened!!

  2. As crazy as it sounds, I would trade my weather for yours! It's in the upper 80's, and being 6 months pregnant, it feels about 120! LOL!

  3. Oh my friend. Can I miss you even though you don't live by me but because you aren't home somehow it's not the same? Did that make any sense to you? LOL.
    You'll be back in your WARM bed really soon.
    I'm coming back to win the giveaway! LOL.
    Aren't you stoked you won one of mine? I was so excited!!!
    Big Spring Snow Flurries size hugs to you my friend.

  4. I think that we are finally over the snow but we had TONS of rain this weekend! April showers bring May flowers:-)

  5. Love seeing the snow, but loving the comfortable weather we are having in Alabama right now!

  6. Ok so I won't tell you that it has been in the 80s here over the last few days and that the weather has been gorgeous. Will that make you feel better?

    Hope you get to go home soon my friend!

  7. Oh my, It is in the 80's here, today. Can't imagine anyone still having snow! Hope your trip is going well! Prayers for a safe return! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  8. Oh, so funny! Reminds me of when I visited Upstate NY in April last year! I love the "spring icicles" hatching!


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