Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project Procrastinators Party ~ The Before Pics

Melissa at The Inspired Room is having a big party - the Project Procrastinators Party! I thought it was so sweet of her to host a party that was obviously in my honor, but then I discovered that I am not the only procrastinator out there. Shocking! :)

Starting today you can link up your post with a before picture of the project you're going to work on (or leave info in comments on her post). In 2 weeks, we will post what we accomplished along with any after or progress pics. This is just the "kick in the pants" that I need to get a project done!

Choosing a project was difficult since I probably have hundreds - LOL. I already decorated for Spring and redecorated a room, so I finally decided to ask for an idea from the person who would be most pleased (other than me) by a completed project - my hubby. He said "paperwork" and I knew exactly what he was talking about. I agreed and asked for the OK to show the before pic (not his favorite thing) which he agreed to. He probably would have agreed to anything if it meant that I would finally do this project! Hmmm, thinking back, I should have worked some sort of Starbucks supply for the next 2 weeks into the deal...

The paperwork project is actually a large file cabinet in our garage that is...empty. The paperwork is in many boxes and bags both in the garage and some closets. The goal is to get the paperwork in an organized fashion and actually store it IN the file cabinet - a novel idea! Just so you know, I convinced hubby that I had to have this file cabinet over a year ago in order to house all the paperwork. We found it on Craigslist for an excellent deal - hubby was kind enough to buy and move the cabinet in order to make the paperwork project happen. Shame on me for letting it go so long!

Here is the cabinet - large, 3-drawer lateral file - yeah, that's it behind all the boxes of paperwork.

Yes, there is more paperwork and that is not even all of it, but I won't show you any more!

I have even had the necessary supplies for well over a year.

Are you as excited as I am to get this project done? We will actually be able to find papers that we need and emptying all the boxes and bags will free up some space in the house and garage. It will be like a weight off my shoulders. Yay for Melissa's party!!

I hope you'll come up with a project and join me in the Project Procrastinators Party! Check back in 2 weeks to see what I've done!

Have a blessed day and don't forget that tomorrow (Friday 5/1) is Dessert Friday! You can post about chocolate or any dessert. I will be talking about favorite dessert memories from when I was a kid. Feel free to do a post about your favorite dessert memories and link it up tomorrow!


  1. That's a great project! You'll feel so much better when that's behind you! Good Luck!


  2. I've procrastinated so much that I am linking up tomorrow. :) I think I bit off more than I can chew. Your's is a great one. :)

  3. Oops - and I forgot that I would love to share a dessert recipe. When did you need it by? :)

  4. Now that is a BIG task..........I hate sorting paperwork.

    All the best

  5. You're so brave! My paperwork projects are always my scariest. Best of luck!

    Fellow procrastinator (with an ugly coffee table)

  6. Yuck! I hate paperwork! Ugh! But good for you! LOL. I can't wait to see the after pictures with all the papers neatly in their place and a garbage full of candy wrappers that helped get you through it! LOL.
    Big Better you than me size hugs my friend.

  7. I'll be looking forward to the big reveal!

  8. Wow, I was going to leave a comment on Thursday, but it wouldn't have been appropriate to do it in a timely manner. I have never had a problem with procrastination, just time management. I don't think that is the same thing, is it? I do have a few project that I would like to find time to accomplish, but I will have to tell you what they are when I get around to it, maybe next week!

    I will say I commend you on your terrifying task tackling. Love you!

  9. Oh what a great idea! I am a master Procrastinator. So I might have to check this out. Hope you get your filing done my friend!

  10. Have fun sorting, organizing, and THROWING STUFF AWAY! I love to throw out old/unneeded paperwork. I'm hoping most of what's sitting on my desk can be thrown out...


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