Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warning: Zig-Zag Post Ahead

I am very busy helping my Dad move with not much time to blog, so no fabulous well-thought out posts here! How about we just jump all over the place with random thoughts?

- Saw a lady while out and about that made me decide to give you a fashion caution: lavender is in this season, but you may want to resist the temptation to add lavender twill pants to the outfit that already has a lavender suede jacket, lavender sparkly sandals, lavender jewelry, and lavender eyeshadow. That is just a suggestion of course - the final decision is yours! :)

- I do not like to be cold. I do not like to live in snow. The forecast here in MT while I'm here the next couple of days is rain and SNOW with a high of around 40 degrees. Feeling very thankful for my last-minute decision to bring a wool coat.

- My sister (you can read a little about her here) will be in the Special Olympics this week and I will actually get to go watch! I look forward to watching her compete in swimming and bowling!

- I have not had any time to shop and not sure that I will get any! It is a bummer as I planned to take advantage of this lovely state with no sales tax.

- I have been drinking way too many fancy coffee drinks in order to keep myself pumped up to continue moving stuff and cleaning. I will have a very hard time weaning myself when I get back home!

- I am very behind in reading blogs - I will try and stop by as I have time. I feel very bad when I don't have time to read and comment on my fabulous friends' blogs!

- My son was given 2 $5 Starbucks cards recently. He decided to give me one of them for my birthday - sweet, huh? I used it the other day - it had a balance of $1; it was the card he had already used. Accidental or on purpose? You be the judge!

- I am out of randomness now. Add your own here! :)

Have a blessed Thursday friends!


  1. I enjoyed your zig zag post!

  2. I love lavendar and do wear it. But I do think that might be a bit much. Yep, that was very generous of your son ;)

    Enjoy watching your sister in the Special Olympics. Sounds like fun!

    And don't worry about not visiting w/us. Enjoy your family. We'll be here when you get back!

  3. Great random thoughts for the day:-)

  4. Funny post! I love Montana in the summer! I was born there, but I live in Florida. I wonder why?


  5. Warning... zig zag comment ahead...

    - Lavender - sorry, but that color in clothing is just wrong on so many levels imho. a little touch = good. Pants or other large item of clothing = bad.

    - I love the cold. sweaters, stew, everything is dead and no allergens to kick my rear parts.

    - How fun to get to see your sister compete!!

    - just enjoy the lovely state. I LOVE MT.

    - cold turkey... it's the only way.

    - I finally posted on what is going on with us on my blog. Monday & today... more is coming. God is so GOOD!

    - Hmmm... I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say accidental.


  6. I got the starbucks chocolates the other day. Thanks!

  7. I saw the sister of the lavender lady here in Florida. She was a bleached blond and she had very short hot pink shorts, a very tight fitting lime green sweater, Hot pink sunglasses, hot pink sneakers and lime green earrings. Yup! I had to do a double take! LOL.
    So snow huh? Yuck! $1.00 left on the ol' Starbucks card? Horrifying!
    Yeah, for getting to watch your sis!
    Well that's all the randomness I got.

    Big Fly By the Seat of My Pants size hugs to you!

  8. Loved the randomness of your post! Hope you survive the snow this week in MT. So glad you get to be there and support your sister!

    Have a great weekend!


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