Monday, May 25, 2009

Cake Week Winners!

Thanks for joining me for Cake Week last week! I know I enjoyed it and I hope you did too. Do you realize that between my recipes and your linked up recipes, there are over 40 cake recipes?? What a great cake resource (how will I ever try them all?!)!

I have each day of cake week listed with its own link on the top of my right side bar. If you missed Cake Week, click on the links to see all the great recipes. If you already saw all the recipes, now you can easily find your favorite yummy cake ideas!

We should announce the winners, I suppose! I did use the random number generator to choose the numbers and it gave me #8, #2, and #1 - isn't that wild?

The winner of the Cake Recipe Book is...

The winner of the Etsy cake-themed necklace from Our Daily Chocolate is...

Congrats Melisssa!

The winner of the chocolate apron from An Occasional Chocolate is...

The Real Me!
Congrats Kim!

The winners have already been e-mailed. Congrats to all!

I am so glad that all of you came to Cake Week with me. I really do appreciate all of my readers and commenters!

I have had lots of giveaways lately and really am trying to slow down on the giveaways for a while, BUT things keep coming my way! You'll have to keep your eyes open for another great giveaway that is coming soon.

Oh, and I think that this week is going to unofficially be double-post week. I am thinking of 2 posts that I feel the need to do each day this week - so buckle up and enjoy the ride!!


  1. People are going to start talking if I win any more of your giveaways! LOL. Maybe I shouldn't enter the next one! LOL. But I'm still very excited!!!
    BIG I've never won so much in my life size hugs to you.

  2. Wow, thank you, Lisa! I'll send you email with my address. Thanks again!

  3. Congratulations Ladies! And I look forward to double posts this week. I'll probably be doing a couple per day a few times too. Lots of stuff going on at my house.


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