Monday, May 11, 2009

A Gift A Mother Loves

Today I just had to join up with Mama Braggin' Monday at Way More Homemade! I HAD to share what my son did for me for Mother's Day!

Hugs and kisses would top the list of gifts that a mother loves, but now I have another gift to add. My son's class worked on special Mother's Day cards, which include poems written by the children. So cute!! Even though the poem my son wrote neglected to mention chocolate or blogging (but maybe that's good), I just love it! My son officially gave me his permission to publish the poem here for you to read.

Mother's Day Poem
by my son B

She's mostly at home
She is very nice
She's also a blonde
And she doesn't like mice

She is kind of fun
She is also kind
She also likes Buster
And she also is not blind

She's sometimes in the kitchen
She really likes coffee
She's also real friendly
She also likes toffee

She washes my clothes
She makes me my lunch
She puts me to bed
I love her a bunch


It's so cute and funny and all true - LOL! I hope you had a blessed Mother's Day! If you feel that you need to share something special your kids did, "brag" about them and link up at Mama Braggin' Monday hosted by Way More Homemade.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Oh too sweet my friend. You need to frame that piece of work! Loved that!
    BIG toffee and coffee lovin hugs to you my friend. And I'm also thankful that you're not blind! LOL.
    Love ya!

  2. Great post...and you really should print and frame that poem...Thanks for sharing

  3. Your son is quite talented to be able to capture your qualities in such a beautiful way. Kudos to him and happy mother's day to you.

  4. I'm really glad he clarified the whole not liking mice issue for us. I was on the fence about that one for you. :)

    Tell him that it is a beautiful poem from his heart. And tell him I said his rhyming and meter are very good as well.

    That is just too precious.

    Thanks for linking it up.


  5. Haha! I love it - so cute, so funny, so artistic! I am most impressed with "not blind" part.


    I haven't had my Mother's Day yet. :( My hubby had to work all day and said we'll celebrate it another day.

  6. Yes Lisa, you won! Just wanted to say congrats and thank you for all the bloggy support! I'll get that out to you asap along with Laura's info. for your yummy biscotti.

    So far I am lovin' this background. There's no limit with chocolate.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Oh! Don't forget to drop by my sis at Insert Grace Here and have some fun on the beach. Great prizes too!!

    Thank you!

  8. So, so sweet.
    I love stuff like that. I have a drawer full of homemade cards like that!!

    You are truly blessed!

  9. Now that is one sweet poem! :) ~hugs, Rhonda


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