Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lisa's Blog Conference Speaker Topics

Perhaps you missed the reason that I am very highly qualified to become a blog conference speaker in the future? It is all based on this:

Now that it's securely scotch-taped onto my resume, I have begun developing a list of possible mom blogger conference topics I could speak about. Let me know which ones you are most interested in. :)

~ 101 Different Titles to use for your random/miscellaneous post to make it seem like a worthwhile read

~ Setting Up Office Space In Your Bathroom - the only truly quiet room in the house for blogging

~ Blogger's Butt: a *growing* concern

~ Beating Twitter Addiction - learning to speak to your family in over 140 characters

~ New Mom Blogger Product - Laptop sling for attachment blogging

~ Be More Accessible To Your Children - get them started blogging and twittering so they can reach you without yelling from another room

~ Laptop Accessory Reviews: Starbucks cup holder, Attachable candy dish, Cell phone holder, Clip-on mirror

I hope you find these educational and useful. I'm sure I'll be at a blog conference near you.

You HAVE to come back tomorrow for Chocolate Friday!! I have a guest poster with a delicious chocolate recipe along with a hilarious vlog - you won't want to miss it! And bring your chocolate posts with you to link up!

I'm linking this up to Your Life, Your Blog at Real Life - link up any post from the previous week and check out all the others while you're there! Go check out the info about Sarah's new show which starts on Thursday!!


  1. Hmmm...."Blogger's Butt". Yes, I'm very interested in this one!! LOL.
    I guess I'd have to be your stand up comedy opening act huh? LOL.
    I don't think I'll be asked to speak anytime soon. I didn't get the fortune cookie "sign"! Hee!Hee!
    Big completely relatable topics That I would want to hear about size hugs to you!
    P.S. I can't wait till tomorrow! Hee! Hee!
    Oh and you're almost to 100 followers do I win anything?

  2. Oh you are too funny my friend! But they all sound like good topics to me ;) Name the time & place and I'll be there!

    Have a great day my friend!

  3. Bloggers Butt.... yes, I would attend that conference! Very clever. You know, there is going to be a Christian women's blogger conference in FL October 23,24! Maybe we can squeeze your topics in! LOL! Check it out if you haven't already...

  4. LOL! This is brilliant! I am stumbling and tweeting right NOW!

    Oh, and I think I'll attend New Mom Blogger Product - Laptop sling for attachment blogging.


  5. those are too funny! where can i get one of those slings?

  6. LOL! Great list! But I think that if I told my husband I was going to any of those talks, he'd toss the computer out the window and say, "Problem solved!" LOL

  7. Hey, I love your blog. You are so funny...and I think of chocolate when I visit. I think your fortune is a sign...go for it!!!:-)

  8. Too funny!! I would attend that conference:-)

  9. LOL, I would love to come and hear you speak! Sign me up!

  10. oh yes...i will travel to hear these. :)

    It's so funny that you said that about your bathroom. We had to clean out a big storage closet, and once all the stuff was out, I thought...hmm...this would make a great office. :)

  11. Um, I couldn't help but see that I'm your 100th follower! Do I get something? Are you laughing at me my friend?

  12. They sound interesting! :)

    I'll definitely be back!

  13. I know from blogger's butt...I tell you what...Every topic I can relate to and elaborate on as well. If you need a joint venture project I can write a! Love your blog.

  14. " When I write or share something about one of my friends in a posting, I always make sure I send them a copy of it, so they know what was said about them. Today I included information about you and your blog site in my posting, so I thought I should let you know about it as well."

    The above paragraph is the first paragraph in an email I sent out today, to all of the owners of blogs whom host "theme days", that I could find email addresses for. But the email I sent to you got returned. The rest of the email is what I posted today on our blog. Go to: to read it for yourself.

    Hopefully, it will then clarify of all of this for you ;-}

    Cheryl B.

  15. PLEASE let us know when you'll be at a conference near us - any of us! I would love a conference on these subjects & more - and we should have samples of the brownies!!!

    I LOVE your Chinese fortune! I married my husband for a Chinese fortune. The kind from a cookie - not the kind from a Chinese empire...

  16. What a great fortune. I would come listen to you speak...I prefer the topic to be all about chocolate!!

  17. These all sound really fun and great! I would be happy to listen to any of them.

  18. Too funny!!! I'd love to hear those talks.

  19. Sign me up for the conference! This is great!

  20. i truthfully love your writing style, very exciting.
    don't give up and keep posting as it simply just that is worth to look through it.
    looking forward to view a lot more of your current posts, thanks :)


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