Monday, June 15, 2009

A More Exciting Week

Last week was the first week of summer vacation and we had no plans. It was a nice relaxing week. I really enjoyed being a homebody (mostly) and got a lot done around the house. This week we actually do have a few things going on.

We will go to a free movie one day and we have a Park Day planned with friends from school - my son is very excited about both! I am most excited about the fact that we get to attend a Yanni Voices concert this week - thanks to One2One Network!! It will be a nice date night for me and hubby. Not only that, but we get to meet the Voices after the concert!

What that really means is that I have to spend all week trying to come up with something to wear to the concert! I will start shopping today. I'll start with the thrift stores because I'm inspired by Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam to be a *frugal fashionista* - I really hope I find something good and find it quickly!

And then Father's Day is next weekend! So far, we know that we'll go out to dinner Saturday night. That reminds me, I need to go to the post office this week to mail Father's Day stuff.

What do you have planned this week? Anything exciting or fun?

See you tomorrow for Tea For Two-sday - I have a cake to share with you!


  1. I need to get an outfit to wear to Dancing with Brevard this Saturday. I hate shopping! Ugh! I hope we find something. You'll of course have to blog about your Yanni experience.

    Big Bargain hunting for the fashion enthusiast in you size hugs.

  2. That sounds like fun!

    We have a moderately busy week...I have an OB appointment (yay), will be "out of my office" with Jordan one day, my anniversary is on Thursday, then we are celebrating Father's Day on Sunday! :)

  3. Hmmm, plans for this week. Tonight is Couple bible study, Tues: Vet appt. for "Miss I'm itchy all the time", Wed: Photo Shoot day - you'll hear all about that in a blog, Thurs: Make cherry jam, Fri: chill, Sat: watch Kim's kids so she can go have fun without me (I'm not bitter, LOL), Sun: concert at MICC with hubby. :)

  4. My week is swamped! Good weather means lots of time in the pool, swim lessons, doctor appointments, a race this weekend and Father's day. And that's what I can remember off the top of my head.

  5. That does sound like a great week! We are going to see Up today with some friends and going hiking on Thursday with some other friends. Should definitely be fun!

    Take care my friend!
    Now I am going to check out Tea for Tuesday. Yummy!


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