Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Two Sides Of My Son

There's my sweet son and our dog. So peaceful. I almost can't stand how cute this picture is - LOL!

But then, there's this side...

My son can be very competitive, especially when it comes to Wii Fit. He has decided that he's in direct competition with my friend Kim 'cause she's got the best Wii Fit scores around (it's true, go ask what her scores are and be amazed). So it is now his mission to beat Kim (that would be Mrs. W to him) in every area possible.

The above picture is of his perfect score in the Advanced Soccer Header! He says to Kim: "Beat THAT - which you can't, 'cause it's perfect!" (said in a most respectful tone, of course, though with a mischievous grin).

Enjoy more fun photos at Wordless Wednesday hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom!


  1. Oh it's on! It's On! (said in a very sweet and tender voice!) NOT! LOL!!!
    Too funny. I'm glad I will be keeping him busy this summer though If I were a teenager and not an almost 40 year old woman the defeat might be greater! LOL. Give your son a loving smack on the back of the head from me! Hee! Hee!
    Big I got to improve my scores some more in a hurry size hugs to you.

  2. Too funny.
    Loved the photo too :)

  3. The love beween a boy and his dog.....so sweet!

  4. Haha! That's awesome! Come on Kim, can you beat perfect?! ;)

  5. Oh that's too funny!

    I love the picture with him and the dog. Too cute!

  6. Love the two sides! The first pic is so sweet!

  7. He looks so sweet snoozing with the pups!

  8. Oh my! What a great score. I REALLY stink at that game. I avoid it all cost.

    Great shots!


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