Friday, June 19, 2009

Would You Like Chocolate With That? ~ Old Fashioned Mayonnaise Cake

Oh I'm so glad we made it to Friday! I hope all of you have had a great week. This has been a very busy week! I have had a lot to do and had to throw in some dress shopping since I am heading to a Yanni Voices concert tonight with my hubby!

I have an old chocolate recipe today. A while back, I was searching for a simple, frugal chocolate recipe and remembered this old cookbook that belonged to my grandmother. Look at the simple cover on it.

Please stop looking at the old stained grout on my counters!

And here's the first page.

Do you see that? It was put together in 1957!! The ladies that helped put this book together included my grandmother and my 2 great-aunts. There are several of their recipes in there, though today's didn't come from them.

Today's recipe is short and sweet! I hope you can read it OK from the pic.

My first reaction was - blech - I'm not a big mayo fan. But then I realized that it contains oil and eggs so it made perfect sense to use it! I love how the recipe doesn't tell you what pan to use or how long to cook it. I assume that the ladies of the day already knew how to bake it! I baked it in 2 round cake pans, though I think it would be best to bake in a 9x13-inch pan. The 2 layers took around 20 minutes to bake. A 9x13 cake would take longer to bake. Take the cake out when an inserted pick comes out clean. Cool in pan on rack.

This cake was sooo moist! It falls apart rather easily. It's not heavy on the chocolate flavor and it's not super-sweet either. It would be good with a glass of milk. I think this cake would be best as a square piece from a 9x13 pan with a big dollop of some sweetened whipped cream.

Have you heard of Mayonnaise Cake? Have you ever tried it? If not, give it a shot - it's an easy recipe!

What are you supposed to go and do right now? That's right - go get or write a chocolate post and come back to link it up and share! You can get more info here and you can take a look at last week's links.

Before you go get that, I have to share a link to chocolate with you. It's from The Recipe Girl - Fudgy Kahlua Brownies With Browned Butter Icing. Oh my, if that doesn't get you drooling, I don't know what will!

Have a blessed Chocolate Friday and don't forget to link up something chocolatey! And please spread the word about Bloggy Friendship Days next week!


  1. Wow a whole cup of mayo huh? Hmmm....not sure! LOL. Oh and I wasn't even looking at your grout until you told me not too! I'm such a rebel. Ha! Ha!
    Big if the cake doesn't taste good you could always smear it on your face for smoother skin size hugs to you.

  2. I've heard of mayo cake before, but never made it. Looks yummy!

  3. I remember seeing this cake before. I suppose it's what they used to do in the old days to sub for oil (and nowadays we use a much healthier sub of applesauce!) In any case, I'll bet it was good. Thanks for the mention :)

  4. I know it sounds disgusting, but it really is good, huh?? I love mayo cake...I have a good recipe from Southern Living. :)

  5. My first reaction was the same as yours! But with a good review from an expert such as yourself, I may have to give it a try! :)

  6. They used mayo during the depression and WWII years as eggs and butter were in short supply. You can bloom the cocoa in a little bit of hot water or coffee to bring out the chocolate flavor and you also ought to add a little salt. Salt will enhance chocolate flavor also.

    You know me... gotta get my opinion in there. :)

    That's a neat old cookbook. :) I wish I had some of my nana's but she never used them. Everything was for memory.

  7. We don't normally use mayonnaise (Miracle Whip people here for sandwiches) so this will be a good recipe to keep on hand to use up an opened jar when we do need mayonnaise.

  8. this is my father in law's favorite cake - they call it "salad dressing cake." I try not to think about that too much when eating it - but it is REALLY GOOD!!!

  9. It looks delicious! The name sure doesn't do it justice. LOL

  10. Mmmm...that sounds yummy & easy! A great combination! And I love the cookbook. What a neat find!

  11. I remember baking cake with mayo, been awhile for me. The cake looks good..

  12. That looks great! Congratulations for being featured on Five Minutes For Mom!

  13. I love old recipes! Sometimes, it is best not to mess with what works:-)

  14. I'm new here...found you from 5 min for moms.

    I have a serious chocolate additiction so your blog title caught my eye and I HAD to come over. I'm more about stop and EAT the chocolate myself but hey...

    It's bedtime now but I will be back to check out all your delighful recipes!!

  15. Found you through Tammy's blog Omahs helping hands..
    Hope you don't mind another follower =)

  16. So many Blogs, thanks for letting me know about the wrong link. I really need to make sure I have the right URLs posted.:-) Have a Wonderful day. Hope your weigh-in is good. Hubby says we need to anonymous chocolate club..throw the weight out the door,lol.

  17. What a cool book to have!

    Sorry, I'm a non-adventurous cook. Even the word mayonaise makes me I'll have to take your word for it. :)It looks good though.

  18. My first reaction was "blech" also! I had to read it out to my husband who watching TV - though how he can hear it over his snoring is beyond me :-D. I have printed the recipe and will definately have to try it.

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  19. Mmmm! My grandma always made chocolate mayonnaise cake!! I've never made it myself, but just may try your recipe! Not sure if I could find my grandma's...

    Found you through a link on Frugal Creativity!


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