Monday, July 20, 2009

Must.Take.Break. :)

I am getting ready to hit the road again to make my way back to CA. We have had a nice trip, but it is time to go and I'm not really looking forward to 2 more days of riding in the car. I'm a little tired and my brain is pretty close to mush, so I have no post for you!

I really must take a bloggy break this week! So that means there will not be a Tea for Two-sday and I don't know yet about Chocolate Friday. If nothing else, I'll just open it up for links. Don't hate me! Take a look around on my blog and find some past stuff to look at instead!

I'll have some posts from the trip for you next week though. And watch - saying that I will take a break will probably give me the urge to post things off the top of my head, so I do reserve the right to change my mind!

I appreciate your prayers for safe travel as we make our way home. I hope all of you have a lovely and blessed week!

AND - I must give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out to my fabulous bloggy friend Kim!!


  1. Take your break my sweet friend and if you post it will be an unexpected surprise! I love you anyways!
    Thank you for the Birthday Shout out. I finally got my post up for today!
    I'll be praying for safe travels!!!
    BIG Wow I'm so tired I can't think of anything size hugs! LOL

  2. Have a relaxing break! I am traveling this week too and everyone else is going to be a Blogher so...just enjoy your time off:-)

  3. Enjoy the break! Sometimes ya just need a break, or burnout can take over. Have a safe trip! We'll miss you.

  4. Oh, your menu looks good! Glad it was easy for you!

    You've got to take a break, girl! Safe travels!!!

  5. A break is good...remember blogging is supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful! :)
    Have a safe trip home!

  6. I so get the break thing. Just getting back out there myself. Meanwhile, love your new header! See you later...


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