Thursday, July 9, 2009

On The Road, But This Makes It More Fun

I should be on the road when you read this, though if you are on the east coast and an early-riser (Kim) - then I am snoring away in my bed and will be on the road later in the day for you!

Just in time for the trip, I upgraded my phone and changed our plan. So now I get internet in the car! Leave me some comments today or tweet me and I can check it on my phone! Look at me gettin' all 21st century - LOL!

Isn't she cute? The top is slid up revealing the keyboard.

Yes, there are fancier smart phones and i phones, but we are much too frugal for those!! Hubby said I could have internet if we did not increase our monthly cost, so I lowered our minutes (we had too many) and added internet and came out the same! Also - this phone had what I needed without getting TOO fancy! My cost on it after discounts and rebate? $9.99 baby!! Woo Hoo!

OK, I'll chat with all of you later! Have a great Thursday and say a little prayer for safe travels for us if you don't mind!


  1. Oh I'm so glad we are still connected to you somehow! I can now rest easy! LOL. I wanna phone like that!!!
    Big High Tech Mamma size hugs to you my sweet friend.

  2. Safe travels and don't forget to take potty/chocolate breaks frequently :)

  3. Internet while I was traveling... then I couldn't knit!

    Praying for a safe trip.

  4. Have fun travels today...can you take pics and post them with that phone? It would be nice to see your travels in photos! :)
    You do have chocolate to snack on in the car,...right????

  5. Wow, nice phone and welcome in the 21st century. -:)
    Prince Charming got me an Iphone last month and I love it. Checking my favorite blogs (like yours), writing comments and I even can send a post to my blog - all while I'm on the go. Great!
    Haven't figured out the twitter thing so far.
    Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your family.

  6. Have fun on your trip...and that is one awesome phone!

  7. I just got a new toy too:-) But I only have internet when I am near a wireless network. What network are you on?

  8. Now Lisa, you are making me feel all stone-age!

    It is cute though! ;)

  9. Ok now I have phone envy!
    Praying for safe travels!

  10. How fun...

    The trip and the phone!!

    Have a great time!

  11. I know you're on the road, but I'm passing you on an award. When you have time, check out my blog for details. Have a fun and safe trip.

  12. Thank you all for leaving me so many sweet comments to check!!

  13. You are so smart - and frugal - with the phone!
    We talked about you on Sarah's show. ;) All good. we missed you.


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