Monday, July 6, 2009

Winners & Dinner & Grins & Tin

Wow - there really should be some sort of award for the Best, Most Creative, Clever Blog Post Title - 'cause I would SO win. ;)
Happy Monday to y'all (I'm not Southern, but I seem to have a drawl in my head at the moment)!!
Here are the 5 winners of the coupons for FREE Sun Burst laundry detergent!

Crafty P
The Real Me!
(It's true and I even triple-checked it since I don't trust her) :)
Congrats winners!!!
I wasn't originally expecting company for the 4th, but ended up that I was having 2 BILs and a friend of one which meant 4 men, 1 boy & me. Anyway, as I was shopping for food on Thursday, I suddenly realized that I had NOTHING to use for a patriotic table setting. I didn't need anything fancy. Thanks to WinCo bulk bins and a stop at Dollar Tree on the way home, I came up with something. No design awards, but at least it had a festive feel.
The "napkins" are dish cloths with star garland wrapped around. The "coasters" are actually cloth trivets. In the center are chocolate candy-coated sunflower seeds. When I have that many boys for dinner, I need to keep the centerpiece simple - we need all the space for the FOOD!
My friend Kim had a Brian Regan comedy clip on her blog for Friday Funnies - I laughed so hard and so did my hubby! You need to take a few minutes and go enjoy. That evening hubby and I looked up a few more clips of him on Youtube and I laughed so much I cried on more than one. I love laughter!
And my friend Kathy posted a clip of the dance scene with Kevin James from the movie Hitch - another good laugh!
Rocks In My Dryer posted an easy Strawberry Pie Recipe last week (note - recipe doesn't specify, but it uses 8 cups of strawberries and a 6-oz. pkg of jello). It makes 2 pies at once. I have never made strawberry pie before and I knew it would be the perfect dessert for my 4th of July dinner and the second pie would work for my church potluck the next day. It was delicious and a hit!!! I wanted to take a picture to show you how yummy it looks...
Sorry - that was the quickest I got to it to get a pic - it disappeared too quickly! Mmmmm, it was good!
**ETA 8/7/10 Finally got a pic to add!  Soooo yummy!  :)
Have a fantastic Monday my friends - hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Woo! Hoo! I love winning! LOL.
    I think your table looks beautiful! Plus you don't have to do much to impress a bunch of guys!
    Oh and we've watched the video I posted about 20X. My husband loves it. We now walk around going me, me, MEEEEE!! LOL
    Big you didn't even save me a bite of pie size hugs to you!

  2. Your centerpiece turned out looks cute!

  3. Wow - your strawberry pie came out beautiful! hee hee. :)
    Thanks for thinking of me in "grins"! Hope you had a wonderful 4th, stop by and read about ours! :)
    Blessings sweet friend!

  4. I love your table!visit me to see how I spent the 4th

  5. Hey, that's how the pie looks when I make it, too! ;)


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