Monday, August 10, 2009

Giveaway Winner & The End Of Housecleaning

I'll get to the giveaway winner...eventually! :) And the housecleaning isn't really ending (probably gave my hubby a good scare with that title!), I just won't be posting about it!

Whew - what a lot of cleaning last week! Thanks for joining in! I hope I inspired you to at least try a couple of small tasks. I got a lot done - much more than I ever do! Woo Hoo! Here's my progress on Friday's tasks:

MY progress on Friday's project: Well, I had to postpone the recipe organizing project until Saturday since my son's birthday was Friday. Couldn't fit it in with all the baking & fun! So I worked on it for a few hours on Saturday. I got all my loose recipes (that we regularly use) put into page protectors and categorized. I wanted to fit them in 1 binder, but ended up with 3! I decided they were A for All the recipes we usually use, B for Beverages, breads & breakfasts, and C for Chocolate (oh yeah!!)!

And I did do your assignments from Friday! Overall, Housecleaning Week made my man happy too!

I learned a couple of things during the week. The small assignments were easy to do - I just might make a long list of easy tasks and always give myself 1 or 2 a day. The big tasks were too much to do in a day when I made myself do regular cleaning, etc. first. BUT - baby steps are OK (a flylady concept)! I am really happy with the progress I made on all those projects and since every day was something new - I didn't have anything to dread! I am going to assign myself all the same projects this week and I should be able to complete most of them. After that, I'll come up with a couple projects at a time to work on.

Did you join in the cleaning? Was it helpful? Some of you are already organized and you inspire me!

Oh you want to know the winner of the Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets! According to the random number generator, the winner is...

Congrats Kathy - I'm glad you didn't let Kim win this time - LOL!!

Thank you to all of you for putting up with all those posts about your least favorite subject - cleaning!! I appreciate it - it helped me a lot!

Have a blessed Monday my friends!


  1. Well my friend a clean house is well, a clean house. LOL.
    Oh and Kathy lives close enough that she'll let me try those I'm sure! LOL
    Big it's like I won because she's my best friend and we share stuff size hugs to you.

  2. I'm glad your housecleaning week accomplished what you wanted it to! If you're going to stop talking about housecleaning, I'll add you back to my blog roll; I don't want my husband to get any ideas! (Just kidding!)

  3. Yeee-haw! I won! I won! Thanks Kim, for stepping back for a moment on the whole "winning thing", LOL. And you can bet I'll be letting Kim test these sheets out, she has WAY more laundry in her house than I do (2 bodies vs 5 bodies!). :)
    Thank you so much Lisa - you are toooo sweet!
    Have a beautiful day!

  4. Congratulations Kathy. I wish I was feeling better last week. I did try to accomplish some tasks. I started the purse project and felt ill. I don't think it was from the cleaning part it was just my turn for the bug that was going around my house. I am starting a new week and by God's grace will get through and TRY to accomplish some of your last weeks chores. I may even get some of my minions to pitch in so I can do some of your projects. Nice challenge? Oh, I still need to fix the hole in the wall. Possibly this afternoon when boys are at soccer and I can send little ones outside.

    Thanks for blogging and giving me a break from the monotony around here.

  5. I have always found that the best way to eat an elephant is one piece at a time. Same is true for cleaning:-)

  6. I'm glad that cleaning week was a success for you! Sadly, I did not clean along. I know, my house needs an intervention right now!


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