Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Housecleaning Week Update & Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Smiles

For all the Housecleaning Week details, stop by Monday's post! This cleaning stuff is hard labor - how do people do it? LOL! I'll give you my update and your assignments...

MY progress on yesterday's project: Sigh. The hard part of these projects is that I'm not doing them until all my regular stuff for the day is done. So....the rest of my house is nice and tidy, but I didn't get much done in the master bedroom other than folding and putting away clean clothes that had piled up a bit.

MY project for today: Organizing the cabinet that has all my cookbooks, etc.

YOUR assignment #1: Find 10 clothing items to donate or sell and put them in a bag or box.
YOUR assignment #2: Clean off/organize all the things that are displayed on your refrigerator.

See? You get quick and easy assignments! When you finish, could ya come help me?? LOL! I did do your assignments from yesterday, so that is something extra accomplished.

If you're done cleaning now, then take a look at some pics!

Like any mom, I just love seeing my kid smile! So I thought I would share some of his smiles from our recent Montana trip.

I sure do LOVE that kid! :)

For more fun pics, stop by Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes For Mom!

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  1. Looking at your son's smile made me smile back at him! LOL
    Looking at your cleaning picture made me want to crawl under my couch but if I did I'd probably realize I need to clean under it, so I passed!

    Big we need a self cleaning house so we can spend our time doing something more fun size hugs to you my friend.

  2. His smiles made me smile! Great photos!

  3. Not a fan of deep cleaning, but do LOVE Montana! Only there briefly during our trip out west. Definitely lives up to it's name "God's Country". For sure.

  4. Cute pictures!!

    My frig is very well organized and we gave a box of clothes to Goodwill last weekend:-)

  5. Awww, it looks like he was enjoying himself!

  6. Visiting from Real Life...

    Um....yeah.... Organizing? Totally not my thing, but I'm glad you felt accomplished! LOL Coincidently, I did clean out my DDs' closets. I guess I can check that assignment off my To-Do list! ;-)

    Love the pics! What a cute kid!

  7. I'm trying to get stuff in order here little bits at a time before baby #3 arrives in October... I think today I WILL clean off my fridge!!!! Thanks!

  8. Oh, Lisa, great job with the cleaning! I am cleaning out my daughter's clutterific room today! She is such a packrat!

    Hey, that's the picture you used for my Blissdom carnival thing when you won the camera, right? That was so funny!


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