Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Laugh With (Or At) Lisa ~ The Favored Child?

Well I think I'll get you to laugh today - either because you actually think I'm mildly amusing or because you are so glad that you haven't just made a complete fool out of yourself like the poor girl in this vlog! LOL!

I wanted to try a little "comedy" vlog for fun and that way I can link it up tomorrow for my friend Kim's Friday Funnies (unless of course it completely bombs which could very well be the case and then I will have to find Friday Fools to link up to!) **I'm not sure it's really funny enough, but Kim said to go ahead and link it up - I guess you can be the judge of whether it should be a Friday Funny or should have been a Friday Amusing To Some! :)

My sister claims that I'm the "Favored Child" but I think I can convince you that it's just not true. Hope you enjoy! You can also watch my video over at!

You think I have issues from my childhood? Why would you say that???

Happy Thursday! Come back tomorrow for Chocolate Friday and bring your chocolate posts to link up!!


  1. Okay! Where do I start? LRHOTIBMKASA!!!!
    Girlfriend, I'll give you my Barbies! LOL I still have them but they aren't very pretty any more. I still have flat chested Skipper too.
    I think you should come over and and we'll film ourselves playing with them! Ha! Ha!
    Yes my friend you have issues beyond what I can help you with, but I think with a little chocolate, no, you need a lot of chocolate, you can get through this and lead a semi normal life from here on out!!!!!
    Big if I were you I'd go by yourself a Barbie and forget about it size hugs to you!

  2. LOL! I SO get this: I have a younger sister, too!

  3. OH MY! Yes my friend ISSUES...but they sure made me laugh, LOLOLOL. oh my! Will it just be the last straw if I tell you that I had 50 barbies and one ken? Poor Lisa, I do feel for you my friend, you were most certainly not favored, LOL. :)

  4. Very good!! You should take that on the road:-)

  5. Funny, funny, funny!!! Do I detect some childhood bitterness? That's okay...chocolate is the cure for all bitterness!

  6. I'm sensing a tiny seed of bitterness still festering in your unfavored soul... HILARIOUS!!

    You are SO not the favored child! What is your sister playing at??!!

    P.S. Thanks for the reminder... you rock!

  7. LOL, I agree with Kim...some chocolate therapy and you should be good as new! :)

  8. Oh, sweetie. I think we were separated at birth and given to different parents who are JUST ALIKE. I could tell the same EXACT story. 2 Barbies, Ken, right down to my lovely Skipper doll. Only, it's so much funnier when you tell it:)

  9. This is hilarious! You are so funny I've decided you are my new best friend, lol!

    Oh and your parents sooooo owe you a Barbie.

    I am still waiting for my Barbie Dream House, as I mentioned on the Five Mom's blog.

    Oh and my parent's never got me an Easy Bake oven either....sniff....

  10. That was great. I was nicknamed Skipper by my best friend in high school. Because we were always together like sisters. She was nicknamed "Barbie."

    Hmm, I'm wondering if I should call her. Was she saying she was the favorite?

    I'm thinking so.

    Thanks for sharing your funny. You're an actress at heart.

  11. LOL! the flat chested sister got me! Great video!


  12. Hmmm... the only way I can go without eating chocolate is not have it around. And then that can be a problem because what you don't have you crave. So here' my health rule...

    "we don't buy any chocolate; we just eat everyone elses".

  13. Oh that is too funny!!!! I definitely understand why you would have issues ;)

    Hope you're doing ok my friend! I am trying to catch up on some blog reading. Maybe I'll finally get caught up....maybe ;)


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