Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sayin' What I Feel Like Sayin' Day

No, that doesn't mean that I'm sayin' anything earth-shattering or controversial today! I'm just writing a post off the top of my head instead of planning it out! Shocking!! It's my rebellious streak!!

I had a post all planned out and I was going to link it up to WFMW. In fact, I'm sure it would have been better blog-traffic wise if I had. But, all of a sudden, I said - no, I don't want to! Not a good thing to do in my real life, but it won't make or break my blog!

So I'm just sayin' whatever I want, like...I love Chocolate! LOL! Or maybe I'll tell you that my son had his first baseball practice tonight and I'm glad that it was a late one 'cause I got to stay home, play a Yanni CD as loud as I wanted to, actually do the dinner dishes, make iced tea, do some laundry, finalize my ideas and picture for the originally planned blog post, and call my Dad! That is far more productive than I usually am in an evening.

Maybe I'll tell you that we visited relatives over the weekend and though it was good to visit, it's good to be home. Now I just feel like I need a good routine to get things done.

I might tell you how I find it frustrating that after the activities of real life, and working on posts, pics and recipes - I have little time left to read blogs and comment! I want to, and I try to whenever I can. Please know that even if I haven't been by your blog in a while, I do think about you, especially when I see the growing list of unread posts in my reader! Sometimes I skim through posts here and there in my reader with no time to hop over and comment. Please forgive me - I do love ya! How do you handle it all?

You know what? That felt good - just sayin' what I felt like sayin'! Why don't you try it? Leave me a comment and tell me whatever you feel like sayin' about your day, your life, your blog, etc! I give you permission to leave comments that are not clever or insightful or funny or even happy! Please keep those comments family-friendly though! :)

You know what else? If you make sure that you have an e-mail address enabled when you comment (if you're unsure of how to do that or don't know what I'm talking about, read Jen's post!) so that I can hit reply - I'll even answer you back today!

Thank you my readers for letting me ramble today! Now, I should let you know that today is the LAST day of my Life Verse Necklace giveaway, so be sure to enter by 10pm Pacific!


  1. Okay I got some things to get off my chest.
    First..........I got nothin'. Yawn! Boring ol' me! LOL.
    Sometimes though it's not about the blog traffic but about what YOU need to say. Linking up to things doesn't get anyone to stick around long. Usually people find me through other blogs. So I think you're okay today!!!
    Big WFMW has to many entries to look at them all anyway so people are just coming by and skimming your blog and aren't going to stick around and follow you size hugs!
    Phew! That one hurt! LOL

  2. Okay now I have to confess something! I fixed your header! There I said it. The fact that I had not lined up the picture properly and that the top one was smaller had been bugging me for a long time now so I decided to fix it today! Yes, I logged onto your dashboard without your permission!
    Okay I'm glad I got this off my chest but doesn't it look better? LOL

  3. I have a friend that logs onto my dashboard and fixes my blog too... too funny! Sometimes it takes me awhile to notice cause I don't "visit" myself much!

    Gotta make your blog your own. I like the "real" posts. Some times doing only link ups doesn't let people see the real you, ya know? But your chocolate link up - that is the real me! And I've got a good one planned for Friday!

  4. Oh to have a friend that would "fix" my wonderful! :)
    And you, you're a wild woman, being all spontaneous and everything today! :)
    It is fun to write things that get readers and comments, but sometimes ya got nuthin, and on those days, just be yourself!!! Any girl that loves chocolate is good in my book!


  5. Um, today, the "real me" would like to say that I am overwhelmed ... by excitement for the opportunities God is opening for me, by the fact that my husband has been sick for three weeks, by the reality that my daughter has a smart mouth that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon, by the laundry mountain, by the writing projects I need to complete, and the list goes on. But the "real me" would also like to say that I am so very thankful to have such small problems!

  6. Wow! I love your post today! I am new around here and have been reading your posts for only a little awhile, I love meeting new people, so hello nice to meet you! I would love for you to visit my blog (when you get some time.) I am not sure yet how to make time for all of this but I guess I will figure it out as I go, it has almost been a year since I started.
    Well, have a wonderful week!

  7. I'm tired.

    But I'm happy and filled to the brim with blessing.

    I have a series I believe I'm supposed to write, and have been working on it, and I want to communicate it well...I want to be a woman of grace.

    I like this random post of yours. :)

  8. You can still post this to WFMW! It works for you, right? Go, link up! Maybe you wil free other bloggers to write whatever they feel like, too.

  9. ok here it goes.. I had a strange dream last night. A two parter.

    1st: I was outside and saw a spectacular, well organized fireworks display over the entire county I live in. Once it was over thunder clapped and lightning began. A dark powerful cloud was coming, then the rain washed it all away.

    2nd: I was at the 'church'(cult) I used to belong to. My dear friend was there with me. I wanted to talk to her, but everyone was so busy keeping her distracted that I couldn't get her attention. I felt invisible. She gathered her children and left and I was not able to speak a word to her at all. All I wanted to say was "I love you, please don't forget me."

    And the thing is, I know what they mean. And all I can do about it is pray.

  10. hmmm...I would like to say that I'm SUPER excited about all that the Lord is putting on my heart to write, but that I struggle with really believing that I have what it takes in comparison to all of the gazillion other moms like me who have the same vision.

    I'd also like to say that I have become SO addicted to the internet that the mere thought of not having access this weekend while we're at the beach makes me shaky...ya'll pray for me :-)

  11. Great and lovely randomness is wonderful sometimes:-)

  12. Hi Lisa, Great post! ...I enjoy getting to know you better with insightful posts such as this one! Maybe you should start a random Wednesday blog event! :) I'd certainly link up & participate!

    Thanks so much for the "Welcome back to Blogland!" ...missed you! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  13. Here's what I want to say: I hate post partum depression! :( But I'm choosing joy!

  14. I felt that way when I posted this evening. I didn't really have anything significant to say. But I wanted to post something before I started visiting around. Oh well, such is life and sometimes life overtakes blogging. Sad, but true ;)


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