Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Try To Deny That You Are THAT Family

I'm sure that you must know Kristen at We Are THAT Family by now (if you don't, you really need to go read her blog!)!  I have been reading her blog since I started blogging.  I found her through my friend Sarah at Real Life and I've never left.  Kristen even gave me advice as a new blogger when I asked - she is THAT nice!

Kristen is celebrating her 2nd Blogoversary today - Woo Hoo! - and she's asking us to post our THAT family moments.  She's even giving away fabulous prizes, so go check it out!

Kristen believes that there is probably a little THAT family in all of us.  She's right - don't even try to deny it!  You can be THAT family without having multiple trips to the emergency room - really.  I recently admitted to being a member of THAT family and have the official badge on my sidebar.  But I thought I didn't have a THAT family moment to post about today.  Let me warn you - that's a dangerous thought to have!

I was up too late as usual last night finishing a couple things on the computer.  It was already midnight and the last thing I did was look at Kristen's post for her THAT family party and think to myself that I had absolutely nothing to say.  Danger -- THAT family "curse" can reach you anywhere, anytime!  :)

I walked into the kitchen to put away a cup before heading to bed when the THAT family moments began!  There, in the kitchen were 2 slow cookers full of food that I had forgotten all about!  Now they weren't overcooked at this point, but I had to deal with them before I could go to bed.  One was full of a snack mix that was now going to have to cool off before I could put it away.  The other was full of apples for applesauce, but the apples weren't quite mushy enough.  It was going to have to cook on high for a while before I could smash the apples.  Sigh - no bed for me yet.

I decided to console myself  by grabbing an open bag of goldfish from the table - which then ripped apart and dropped upside down on the floor, spilling most of the bag (bigger Costco-size bag) all over the kitchen floor.  At first, I was more upset about the waste of perfectly good goldfish, but then I realized that I had to clean it all up now!  After the cleanup, I did eat a few goldfish out of the ripped bag to "get them back."

I did finally get everything finished up and got to bed very late (or early?).  Do you see what can happen if you start thinking that you don't have THAT family moments?  Watch out friends - who knows what might happen today!

Congrats Kristen on your 2nd Blogaversary - and, owe me some goldfish!!  ;)


  1. Helllloooo... when did you change your blog-do? It must have just been this week. I likey. THe pink "suits" you.

    Funny that she and I started blogging right around the same time... actually I started in Sept 2 yrs ago. And look at the difference in our blogs. I could be jealous... but that would take more time than I even have to spend on my blog. LOL.

    But you are right... we are THAT family a lot.



  2. Don't you hate it when you have to postpone bed? Not fun:-(

  3. Aww! What a night! At least you got a lot accomplished! Snack mix done, apples smashed, goldfish cleaned up...

  4. Oh Lisa, now come-on! If you'd picked all those fishy up in 3 seconds they'd still be edible, LOLOL. :) My poor friend, it's such a bummer when you're tired and ready to hit the sack only to be confronted by the "Oh, I forgot about that ..... that's gonna take me 2 more hours!" Ugh...
    Love you friend!

  5. I can totally relate!

    So glad you're a part of THAT family!

    Thanks for celebrating with me.

  6. LOL, yes, sometimes we are THAT family too!


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