Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Procrastinator's Party: The Project Proclamation

Melissa at The Inspired Room is having another Procrastinator Party. Nice of her to have another one just for me! This week you have to announce your project with Before pics and then you have until the 20th to get it done and post the After results.

I really wanted to choose a more exciting project, but I felt that I must choose the project that I truly will keep avoiding unless I am "forced" to finish it.'s back. The File Cabinet.

I chose the File Cabinet project for the last party and then realized that it was actually a 3-phase project. I successfully finished Phase 1 and this is the After pic. I had grand plans of finishing Phase 2 and Phase 3 during the following month. Um, no. That did not happen.

I did take up Phase 2 during my crazy Housecleaning Week, but didn't quite finish it. So here I am...again.

My official goal is to finish File Cabinet Phase 2, which is finishing going through the drawers and sorting/organizing everything in the hanging files. I also want to finish Phase 3 which is to set up a system inside my house to handle the paperwork before it goes to the file cabinet.

Whew - there, I said it! Now I have to DO it! :)

DISCLOSURE: This project will be at least partially powered by Starbucks and chocolate which will not be given to me for free unless somebody is feeling sorry for me. The coffee and chocolate purchased with my own dollars will not in any way affect my ability to honestly and accurately report the After results which may or may not include successful completion of aforementioned project. In case you were wondering. ;)

There. Now I'm all official-like. Heh, heh.

Have a fabulous day and go start your own procrastinator project! Stop by The Inspired Room to see just how many procrastinators are out there!


  1. Okay if you are going to keep showing us your filing cabinet at least put a flower or something on it to dress it up a little okay? LOL

    Oh I loath filing!!! Yes, I said LOATH!!
    Big filing away some hugs just for you my friend!

  2. OUCH!!! I need to do the same thing in my house. Hopefully, I can get started soon. Otherwise, my house is going to be overrun by paper ;)

    Take care my friend!
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Good luck completing that project!!

  4. Oh fun...filing cabinets are so boring, it's nice to spruce them up. :)

  5. I hate filing. But cute file cabinets, I ADORE!! Can't wait to see your one week. Eh hem.


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