Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Patio Cover That Is No More

Hello and welcome to Wordless Wednesday!  I wanted to show some pics to acknowledge my hubby's hard work this past weekend.

We have had a wooden patio cover (lattice-type) in the backyard that the original owners had built and because it's getting old, we decided we should take it down sometime in the next year.

Or, you know...we could just have a STORM blow it down.  :)

It was quite a surprise!  Hubby had to spend this past weekend taking it apart - saved some of the wood and the rest is piled up waiting to be hauled off.

Thanks honey for all your hard work!!

The BBQ was a casualty, but actually kept the structure from slamming into the fence!

Whew - we got that taken care of, and when I say "we" - well, I helped with approximately 0% of the patio cover demolition.  :)  I guess that gives "us" a head start on the yardwork "we" plan to do next week!

For more Wordless Wednesday, stop by 5 Minutes For Mom!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. I have a question. Um, so what's the point of "wordless" Wednesday? LOL
    You know I love you my friend!! Someone has to mess with you!!!

    Big maybe you should start a not so wordless Wednesday Meme size hugs to you!

  2. Oh and kudos to your hubby for the great job HE did! LOL

  3. Oh and a moment of silence for the loss of your grill.........

  4. oh, no......glad the fence was spared. Poor grill....so what will WE be cooking on now??? :)


  5. May the grill rest in peace. I'm glad the two of you were able to get it done. :)


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